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Did You Know, Skirt Is The Second Oldest Garment Known To Mankind? No? Check It Out


Skirts are feminine, they can be long, short, midi or just flared. Skirts can be of any size and shape, can have any pattern or design. Women have been loving skirts since the 18th century. The skirt was the reason which made Marilyn Monroe the legend, drove Austin Powers wild and what would Scarlett O'Hara have been without a flowing silhouette?

A skirt is considered to be a crucial part of women's dress for centuries. The skirt; a garment so distinctly feminine that in the 1800s, the word itself was slang for woman. High-heeled boots carriy a lot of eroticism and so does the skirt.

Coming on to the history. The skirt is the second oldest garment known to mankind. It is preceded by loin clothes only. Skirts were not worn by just women, so mankind is the right word to use. Yes, skirts were worn by both men and women during the 18th and 19th century.

Men and women both wore skirts in ancient times. Once you had the initial idea of weaving a rectangular piece of fabric and tying it around yourself, you had basically the skirt. If we look at the ancient Egyptian paintings, you see men and women both wearing what's in effect a skirt. Some of the countries are still experiencing skirt among men; like lungi in India, the kilts in Scotland, et cetera.

Skirts were expensive and was a luxurious thing to wear back in those days. Nowadays skirts are personalised, but those days, it was supposed to be only long or ankle length. Women wore skirts for a long period of time, to have modesty and prestige.

As the days passed, and the 21st century hit,the hemlines and length of the skirts had a huge change compared to the ancient days. The length of the skirts became long to mini, the hemlines are cropped, flared, pleated or just skin tight.

The modern era of skirts include types of skirts, which did not exist during the ancient days. From long to short, maxi to skin tight, mini to midi various types of hem, skirts have evolved from the 18th century till now. Also, one of the best selling and pricey brand for skirts, which has been remarkable changes in the world fashion is Prada. They made the skirts look even more, prettier, stylish, sexier and bolder.

So this was all about the history of skirts. If you want to know more of such fashion related facts, stay tune with us, right here on Boldsky. Don't forget to give your views on this.

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