#BudgetDiaries: Get This Gorgeous Winter Work Look For Only 7412/-

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Winter has come. It's time to enjoy the hot beverages, fluffy blankets and most importantly a classy winter wardrobe. From boyfriend cardigans to leather jackets, to trench coats to  sweaters, we will cover everything that will make your winter stylish.

We know how daunting it gets to shop for winter ensembles. Let's not even get started with the price tag, it's only there to give us a heart attack. Plus, dealing with the thought of selecting a work outfit every day is just not okay. So to solve these troubled thoughts and give you a fresh piece of outfit for the next time you hit Monday blues, we have picked a work winter outfit for you. Well, thank us later and for now read along. 

But before you go ahead, we would like to inform you that this outfit has the tendency to make you look incredibly beautiful and professionally fit. So here goes...a comfy warm and stylish outfit to conquer your Monday blues. And if your boss overloads the work on you, at least you'll have an outfit to relish.

Black Strappy Top: A chic spaghetti top is always a classy choice over a crewneck shirt. It graces your torso in a perfect way and also flaunts your neckline. Well, if you cannot shoe that collar bone you have worked on the entire summer for, then what's the point? 

Bloody Serious! Winter Work Look In 7500

Get Me For 599/-  

Hmm...it's winter and what can you go for, besides jeans and leggings, that's long and stylish? Well, read along...

Black Maxi Skirt: The skirt length will give the desired warmth and the must wanted style factor. The neat slit will flaunt your toned legs. Summer is finally paying off, eh? 

Bloody Serious! Winter Work Look In 7500

Get Me For 875/-

Printed Single Button Blazer: Since it's the winters, you need something to cover up and what's better than a printed blazer like the one below and guess, how much you can get it for? Well, it's way less than you just thought. 

Bloody Serious! Winter Work Look In 7500

Get Me For 1845/-

Now we have completed putting the apparel together. How about accessorizing it well?

Tan Saddle Bag:  A tan bag goes with everything, as said by our beloved Deepika Padukone. And sure she is right. With a blazer and black piece like that, you need a bag like this.

Bloody Serious! Winter Work Look In 7500

Get Me For 1300/-

Now the most important question. What about the shoes? Well, hang it there, fellas! We have just what you need. 

Tan Soludos: To cover the feet, the better option would be to sock it up but you can go just with these gorgeous soludos, if you like.

Bloody Serious! Winter Work Look In 7500

Get us For 2793/- 

Now let's talk about the total cost of this gorgeous outfit? Any guesses? If you have already guessed it, then we are happy for your Math brain. But those who couldn't:

1. Strappy Top: 599

2. Maxi Skirt: 875

3. Blazer: 1845

4. Saddle Bag: 1300

5. Tan Soludos: 2793

and the total is 7,412 and how's that? Well, you cannot possibly get a bargain on this. An entire lookbook only in 7500? Are you kidding me? But we are not. 

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Story first published: Thursday, November 26, 2015, 22:33 [IST]
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