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What To Wear To Cut The Blues On Friday The 13th

You might have already been through everything you should avoid on Friday, the 13th. Today is that day again but you might not know what to wear and what not to on this day.

Avoid wearing dull colours as they tend to bring bad luck. Colours like black and grey should be particularly avoided as you ought not risk it by doing the dressing blunder.

outfit for friday the 13th

We would prefer you to wear bright colours that might bring positivity around your aura and if there are minimum chances of bad luck, it will surely be prevented. Bright colours will do the magic for you.

Take a note of these colours you can wear and see the way your favourite celebrities have rocked them.



The royal of all colours, red has to be the first preference when it comes to choosing one positive colour. It is the warmest on the colour chart and wearing red surely makes you get positive vibes. Never to forget, it also makes you look the hottest. Choose a red outfit from your favourite celebrity's wardrobe and spread positive vibes around.



The most wanted summery and optimistic colour, yellow can rock your autumn too. Especially, to cut out the negative vibes dull colours pass. Even if black and grey is your favourite colour, still for one day you can get all yellow. It is surely no harm in it, in fact, it will make you look prettier.



The colour orange denotes exoticism and it runs parallel to yellow when it comes to spreading positive vibes. Orange is a favourite of many Bollywood celebrities too so what is taking you so long to choose? Pick an orange coloured outfit for the day. You surely will be in good charm and also look really beautiful.



The colour green is not very bright but also denotes positivity and, of course, nature. The colour is youthful and very refreshing. This colour can surely make your Friday the 13th look brighter. The colour gives you good vibes about not just your life, but also people around. It is psychologically proven. So, opt for a green attire and make it your OOTD.



Pink has always been a colour of feminity and romance. Though it has been stereotyped as a 'girl special' colour, the colour has made many men look hot. So, the colour can be anyone's choice for the day as it shows no sign of negativity. In fact, it has all positive vibes.



Blue suggests neutrality and peace. It can surely make you look amazing and as there are various shades of blue available, you can surely choose one of them to be your unlucky Friday's OOTD. Do not forget to team it with a good colour as people tend to go wrong with combinations with blue. Another thing, do not wear a pale blue.



What is the purest colour? Obviously, it is white! Nothing can beat the power of white as it is pure, serene and also stunning. This can be your one of the best choices of colour for the day. Well, do be careful with the rain, mud and puddles. They might take a negative turn to ruin your white attire. If you are cautious about that, just go for it!


Pop Colours

Are you confused about different bright colours, then fit yourself in an attire with pop colours. Advantages? Well, it is trending, classy and also can make you look bohemian. You will surely find a variety of options from your favourite celebrities. There are many of them who adore pop colours.

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