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WhatWereTheyThinking- 5 Worst Dressed Celebrities From Star Screen Awards

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It's January and the season of awards has just commenced. The year's hard work has finally paid off and the best performances will pocket awards. Stars were swarming in and out of the venue of Star Screen Awards. 

We got to witness some of the beautiful outfits and some just made us throw up. While we have reserved the best one for later. Now it's time to show you the worst. We are not into criticising an outfit but when it's way out of the line, we need to step up and tell our readers that seriously do not follow these outfits. Since we have the responsibility to dress you the best. And any fashion faux pas has no place. 

At the venue, we were surprised to see these totally ugly outfits. In fact, some of them were worn by the fashionistas of the B-Town. Well, sometimes, even the fashion mavens go too overboard. So here goes, 5 worst dressed from the evening of Star Screen Awards:


Raveena From The Disastrous 90s

Raveena wore a gown by Namrata Joshipura. The attire would totally suit 90smovies when Bollywood fashion was an eyesore. The embellished shoulder is a blemish. A simple blue gown would have looked chic.


Raveena From Disastrous 90s

Raveena here is wearing a piece from. The outfit looks like a piece selected from the 90s movies when fashion was an eyesore. The embellished shoulders are a blemish. The attire would have looked much better without the stones.


Tanisha Emulating Ichadhari Naagin In Blue

Tanisha is not acing fashion these days. And this time, she has done the worst. The outfit seems to be copied from the long lost Ichadhari Naagin costume. The empire fall and the one-shoulder top is not doing any good to the attire.


Sonam Kapoor From A Stage Show Performance

Have you ever noticed how gaudy are stage costumes? Looks like Sonam, the so-called fashionista, is not happy to drop her stage costume. Though we admire the center cut-out but the boots and printed sleeves are equivalent to an impaired outfit.


What Is Jacqueline Wearing?

Is it a saree? A lehenga? A dress? Why has the designer added frills at the hem?

The outfit is plain confusing. It's neither a saree nor anything else. And the imperfection at the blouse is sparkingly noticeable.


Radhika Apte In Mermaid Costume

If it were for Halloween, Radhika could have added a nice head accessory to finish off the mermaid suit. But since it was an award function, the scale designs, the fish cut and the hairdo is just not apt.

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