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8 Saree Colours That Look Gorgeous On Indian Skin Tone


Sarees are basics of every Indian woman. Mostly, married. And Indian holiday calendar also offers a wide range of events for Indian women to flaunt their saree collection like Diwali, Dusshera, etc.

Now sarees are beautiful. But did you know if you wear the right colour saree, you can look more beautiful? No? We didn't too. Until we researched and researched and figured there are at least 8 colours that look gorgeous on Indian skin tone.

Indians have this ridiculous concept of getting their skin lightened. Moreover, it's the Indian society that propagates that fair is beautiful and brown is ugly. We say it's just horrible. We feel that every skin colour is beautiful. And when it comes to Indian skin tones, Indian women have the most beautiful skin tones. Today, we have dedicated this article to Indian women and their skin tones.

We want to spread the message that you got to love your skin colour, girl. And that is why in this piece, we have listed 8 saree colours that any Indian women can wear to amp up their look.

1. Purple: People say don't wear bright colours if your skin tone is slightly wheatish, but that is wrong on so many levels. The truth is, purple looks the best on Indian skin tone. And if you don't believe us, look at Konkana Sen here... She is pulling off a purple cotton saree like it's no big deal. So if you think your skin tone matches Konkana, purple is a must-have saree colour for you.

2. Beige: Indian skin tones have a huge advantage when it comes to soft colours like beige. Beige looks better on relatively darker skin tones. Call me racist, but White people cannot pull this colour as good as Brown people. Look at Deepika who is sporting a beige saree and looking as gorgeous as ever.

3. Sea Green: Another pick from eye-soothing colours. Sea green colour brightens Indian skin tone instantly. So if you're looking to steal the show, pick this saree colour for your party/wedding. See how the colour goes with Indian skin tone over here...

4. Dark Green: While many say dark shades of green is not for you, but we are calling a BS on this. Dark green won't brighten your face as much as the sea green but it will sure enhance your skin tone. People with darker skin tones can go for this. If you want an idea of how it looks on darker Indian skin tones, check this...

5. Black: You can never go wrong with black. Black is universal colour. No matter what skin type you are, you can absolutely flaunt it. If you think Kajol's skin tone matches yours, then you'll look like this if you wear a black lace saree... Gorgeous, isn't it?

6. Lime Green: If you feel like wearing bright shades, then we suggest lime green. If you're wondering how will it look, then take a look at Priyanka Chopra over. Priyanka skin tone falls under darker Indian skin types.

7. Mix& Match: If you don't want to go for solid colours, go for a mix and match. You can even try mixing up the fabrics. Like Rani's saree over here. It's checks, velvet and gotta. And the colours are blue, white, red, silver and yellow.

8. White: White is probably the colour that was made for Indian skin tones. If you don't agree with us, ask Sushmita Sen or Deepika Padukone who cannot get enough of white.

Talking about the colours, it is necessary that we pay attention to the colour we wear. Some shades won't look good on fair skin tones and the same will look better on the wheatish skin. But that doesn't mean you start hating your skin colour. Just a bit of attention and colour coordination and you'll know what suits you the best. Stay beautiful. :)

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