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15 Trendiest Ways To Style Your Scarf This Summer!

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Scarves have now become the most basic addition to our daily outfits. One of the numerous origins of a scarf happened centuries ago in Rome where it was used to keep oneself clean. From a utility cloth to a fashion statement, the scarf sure has come a long way.

Many people across the globe wear scarves, ranging all the way from religious reasons to fashion statements. Scarves are a great way of accessorising, this could be done in a subtle manner or you could go all out.

Also worn for warmth and protection, there is nothing wrong in doing even that in style. With the evolution of scarves we now have a range of fabrics, sizes, patterns and colours to choose from.

Lets take a look at all the stunning and varied ways you could tie your scarves for every ocassion.


The Knotted Tie

This style can look great with a formal ensemble, using the scarf to make a similiar knot like a mens tie. This style is classy yet quite edgy.


The French Girl Knot

Wrapped around the neck in a sleek fashion with a neat knot towards the end that sits firm. This classic french girl scarf look is for those extra luxurious days.


The Casual Throw

Though this look is the easiest and just rests around your shoulders, it can be quite powerful when colour co-ordinated with the rest of your outfit.


The Loose Knot

Inspired from the french girl knot, this look sits more loose and flouncy around the neck. The knot also holds more loose and comfier.


The Plain Knot

This one is one of the simplest styles to achieve, this style also breaks down the rest of the outfit from monotony. A single knot that hangs loose in front.


The Basic Wrap

This is one of the most popular styles of wearing a neck scarf. It goes around the neck once and rests right back onto the shoulders.


The Band

One of the biggest trends this year are chokers and neck bands, and you could give this trend a shot with one of your smaller scarves. Just fold, wrap around the neck and then tuck it at the back or knot it.


The Gathered Style

Just place the scarf on the shoulders and gather it at the front and secure it with a brooch, a pin or a fancy ring to get this effortless classy look.


The Comfy Head Knot

For one of those days when you want the wind in your hair but only the right amount. Place the scarf on the head and knot two ends at the back of the head to keep it in place.


The Forehead Wrap

This style is age old yet edgy, this can be achieved with the same fold and wrap around the forehead and knot at the back band technique.


The Sailor Scarf

Maintaining the rest of the scarf in a fluffy state with the knots in the front doubled and knotted real tight. This style is inspired and easy.


The Comfy Wrap-Up

A great style statement and also a great way to keep you warm. This style is a simple drape around the neck with a delicate knot towards the end.


The Top Knot Scarf

Create a top bun and start wrapping up the scarf from the base of the bun and knot it up towards the end. This look is fresh and feminine.


The Classic Scarf

To protect you from the cold or even to look the classic Hepburn glam, this look is the epitome of scarf styles. A fold in half wrapped around the head with a simple knot at the neck.


The Triangle

Fold the scarf in half and add both the ends under the triangular patch. This style is chic and fun, can be worn casually and on a dinner date.

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