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#CheckOut: Outfits From Housefull 3 That You'd Love To Own

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The sequel to the successful movie named Housefull, this one is a romantic comedy featuring some of our favourite celebs. All set for a worldwide release on June 3rd 2016, this movie is showing some good fashion inspiration potential, thanks to the three leading ladies.

Starring some of our favourite fashionistas Lisa Haydon, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri; this movie is all set to help out a lot of people who are looking for a cute summer fashion inspiration. From bold outfits to something really cute, they have it all.

We have made a list of some of our favourite looks from the movie trailer that all of us could learn a thing or two from on how to do fashion like a true diva. So, check 'em out.


The Poster

This has them in red-hot outfits that have a sporty touch to the whole visual and it looks great for a poster against the blue backdrop. The girls sure look like glam dolls here.


The Girly Casuals

Nargis is in a plain blue dress, Jacqueline in a knit girly shirt with plaid blue skirt and Lisa is in a light pink V-neck dress.


Date Night Outfits

Lisa is in a simple drapey white dress with a brown belt on the waist, Jacqueline looks cute in a high-waisted skirt and crop blouse, and Nargis is in a turtle-neck crop and shorts in black.


Dewy Jacqueline

With makeup shades of pinks and dews, Jacqueline looks beautiful, and what adds to it is all the cool jewellery like the silver head piece and the simple layered string pendant.


Lisa In Pastel

In a shade of pastels and looking more on the formal side of the spectrum, this look of structured blouse and pleated bottoms is surely a winner.


Time To Party

Lisa is in a deep-red mini dress again with a belted waist, Jacqueline is in an off-shoulder black mini with ruffles on the skirt by designer Ayesha Depala, and Nargis is sporting a concoction of a zippered dress with peekaboo undergarments.


The Music Festival

Dressed in ripped denims and cut-offs, the ladies looked like they were ready to start jamming. A variation of halter-necks, body suits and knot-up style shirts can be seen.


The Wedding Day

In pristine white dresses, all three rocked different types of wedding outfits. Nargis is in a backless short-sleeved gown, Lisa is seen in a fitted tube dress, and Jacqueline is sporting a veil with a lace dress on.

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