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Capricorn Woman Fashion: Sophisticated And Chic

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It's the month of workaholic Capri woman. Yes, the polite kind also has strong opinions. She is smart, and can outwit any man or woman in the room. She is very practical and loves to work. Work is like her domain where she thrives.

Capri woman is the ultimate classic era woman. She is anything but curt or brass. She is a lady and that is very well reflected in her style. She loves work clothes that means you can expect a lot of pants, suits, blazers, pleated skirts and two-pieces in her closet.

If you are a typical Capricorn woman, you have a fetish for elegance and that's why you would prefer cardigans and neatly-fitted jackets.

Since it's the month of Capri woman, we have decided to cover some fashion aspects of a typical Capricorn. So dear Capri woman, if you've been wearing your wrong clothes for long (which we find difficult to believe), it's time to change.

In this piece, we are going to look at the most dominating clothing factors in a Capri's closet. Many believe that black is the colour of Scorpio, but not many know that Capricorn also has a soft corner for the said colour. So let's not delay it any further and talk about the 3 most important clothing items in a typical Capri woman's wardrobe.

Lace: Since the women in this zodiac are elegant and polite, they need a fabric that imparts the same. An ideal little black lace dress will delight a Capri woman. And that's why it is not difficult for them to spot in a apty, a Capri woman would don her lace dress like a gift from the person she loves. She will sparkle and would avoid blushing at the compliments.

lace dress

Vintage: Vintage dresses are yet another section that looks very neat on Capri women. They love everything vintage. From peter pan collars to polka dots, you can spot them wearing everything. It is much easier for a Capri woman from rugged jeans to wearing 90s A-line dresses every day than any other signs in the zodiac.

vintage dress

Two-Pieces: Since she is a workaholic, she loves to secure a section for her work outfits in her closet. If you need any tips for work outfits, go to a Capri woman and she'll teach you everything in simple words. An ideal office outfit for a Capri woman is a blazer and pant, a few could go for a pleated skirt and a matching blazer.

two pieces
skirt and blazer
black blazer suit

So that was all about our lovely and polite Capri woman. Stay tuned for more updates on Zodiac fashion, only on Boldsky Fashion.

All images are taken via Pinterest.

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Story first published: Monday, January 4, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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