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How To Choose The Right Shade For Eyebrow Pencil

Have you tried using an eyebrow pencil and discarded it right after because it looks way too dark and fake? I have been there too. But then I realised the mistake I was making. The eyebrows looked dark because I chose the wrong shade of the eyebrow pencil. When it comes to using an eyebrow pencil, the colour of the pencil is the most important factor. Your eyebrow pencil should give you a natural yet defined look.

We don't realise that the colour of our eyebrow is quite close to the natural colour of our hair. And so when we choose an eyebrow pencil that is darker than our hair colour, our eyebrows look dark and fake. To make your eyebrows look natural, choose the shade of the eyebrow pencil that goes with your hair colour and looks flattering on your skin tone. A trick that will help you is to choose a colour that is one to two shades lighter or darker to the natural colour of your hair. Now, let's find out the right shade of eyebrow pencil for you.

For Darkest Brown And Black Hair

For darkest brown and black hair use a dark brown pencil. We often make the mistake of using a black pencil with dark hair, but it looks overdone and fake. So, avoid black pencils to do your brows. But as your eyebrow hair is dark, you can go a little intense with your eyebrow pencil.

Pro tip- If you have a deeper skin tone, you can use a black pencil to lightly fill in your brows. But before that, use a dark brown pencil to line your brows.

For Dark Brown Hair

If you have dark brown hair, use a medium brown shade of eyebrow pencil. But remember to keep it light and not to go too intense with the filling or it will look fake.

For Light Brown Hair

For hair that is naturally light brown, use a caramel brown shade of eyebrow pencil. It is not too dark and goes well with your eyebrow hair colour. Also, remember to brush through your eyebrows afterwards using a spoolie to make your eyebrows look natural.

For Dark Roots And Light Ends

If you have completely or partially covered your hair in a blonde shade, use an eyebrow pencil in shade taupe. It is neither too light or too dark and will compliment your hair colour perfectly.

For Red Coloured Hair

For those of you who have coloured their hair in red or burgundy shades, it is obvious you can't match your eyebrows with the colour of your hair. Here your skin tone comes into play. If you have a lighter skin tone, go for a light brown eyebrow pencil. And if you have a deeper skin tone, use a dark brown eyebrow pencil. But, make sure the pencil is a shade lighter to the natural colour of your eyebrows.

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