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10 Easy-To-Do Hairstyles Perfect For Your Zoom Meetings

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shifted our workplace to our homes. With the cases rising each day, work from home is likely to extend for the foreseeable future and the physical meetings are a far-fetched possibility. And that has made Zoom(the video-calling app) our new virtual meeting room.

With us getting comfortable with working from home, the casual loungewear has become our work attire. Unfortunately, this arrangement does not work for your important zoom meetings. For zoom meetings, you need to put on a solid front and look professional.

If you are new to video meetings, it can make you conscious and to feel confident, you want to look your best. To look appropriate in a zoom meeting, you wear professional clothes, at least the top while you can take liberty with your bottoms(who is going to notice anyway!). But that's about it. Wearing a full- face of make-up would be too much. So, how then you look all set and impeccable in your zoom meetings? If you ask us, your hairstyle plays a major role. With your hair styled flawlessly, you are sure to ace those zoom meetings.

So, here we are with 10 simple and easy-to-do hairstyles that are perfect for your zoom meetings.


1. The High Bun

PC: Instagram/abed.matar

If you do not much time at your disposal before the zoom meeting starts, a high bun is your best bet, It takes less than 5 minutes to create this bun and it looks great for the zoom meeting. You can adjust the height and messy texture of the bun to a point you are comfortable with and make a lasting impression.


2. Half Updo

PC: Instagram/apothic_hair

If leaving your hair open seems too casual to you and a bun is not a style you are comfortable with, you can choose the middle path with this soft half updo. This style has a feminine charm to it while looking professional.


3. Half Braid

PC: Instagram/uniq_by_ellen

The half braid hairdo not only looks super elegant and trendy but it is also really easy to create. All you need to do is take the front part of your hair and weave it into any braid of your choice. Pul out a couple of strands on either side of your face and you are ready for your zoom meeting.

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4. French Braid

PC: Instagram/kindlovingbeauty

No matter the occasion, French braid suits it all. If you have no idea how to wear your hair for the zoom meeting and all the other hairstyles seem too much, you can always rely on the good old French braid. It is feminine, classic and professional.


5. Double Dutch Braid

PC: Instagram/braidbabebri

Double braids are generally not considered professional, until we are talking Dutch braids. The two stunning braids starting from your hairline and flowing through the back of your head are a perfect choice to keep things sassy while also keeping them professional.


6. Top Knot

PC: Instagram/imlaurabradshaw

One of the easiest and most flattering hairstyles, the top knot can be worn with any attire of your choosing. It suits all face shapes and the best part- you only need a couple of minutes to create this cool and chic hairdo.

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7. Side Braids

PC: Instagram/beautifyingbyzohal

If you have a really important zoom meeting that requires you to look like you have put efforts and thought in dressing up, the side braids with luscious waves cascading down your back are the perfect choice. Side-part your hair at the front and weave any braid of your choice on either side. Curl the rest of your hair in loose waves.


8. The Diva Curls

PC: Instagram/imlaurabradshaw

The classic hairstyles never fail you. Thick, luscious curls framing your face notch up your look in an instant. The diva curls allow you to be trendy without being over-the-top. It softens your look and appears amazing on the video call.


9. Low Bun With A Twist

PC: Instagram/ourmodestymatters

A low bun is the easiest to tie when can not seem to fathom how to style your hair. However, on a zoom call, the low bun can seem a bit bland and make your look dull. Add a fun twist to the low bun with a thick braid or twist at the side that traces your hairline and reaching your back from behind your ear and you will look amazing in your meeting.


10. Low Knot Bun

PC: Instagram/wildflowerhaircompany

A bun is always considered more professional than any other hairstyle. And if you have long, beautiful hair that allows you to try out different kinds of buns, why not utilize this opportunity? Tie your hair in a loose low knot and pull a few strands of your hair at the front to soften the look. Besides making you look professional, a low knot bun makes you look sophisticated and elegant. If that is the vibe you are going for, you need not think twice about donning this look.

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