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10 Trending Latest Sarees Of This Year

Posted By: Staff
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The saree is an eternal garment. It is both ageless and timeless at the same time. However, even the saree has evolved over time to stay in fashion. Saree trends rise and end with time just like any other fashion trend. We have had some latest sarees in 2013 as well. The latest sarees of 2013 define certain special saree trends.

Saree draping styles change with every coming year. But the latest sarees of 2013 have shown a surprisingly high number of new draping styles. We have seen at least ten different saree draping styles in this year alone! Another remarkable saree trend this year has been the neon coloured sarees. Many of the latest sarees of 2013 are in neon colours.

It is usually the designers who spark off new saree trends. For example, the latest sarees of 2013 that we have seen from Arpita Mehta's couture have mirrorwork on them. And Shehla Khan has brought graceful lace work in every saree that she has created this year. Each of these style statements from the designers has developed into a new trend for saree lovers.

Here are some of the latest sarees of 2013 that you would like to have in your wardrobe.


Double Pallu Saree

Aditi Rao Hydari turned this simple, single coloured saree from Raakesh Agarvwal into a sensation. The lower half of the saree is pleated and draped tightly. The speciality of the style is the crossed double pallu that she has taken over her shoulders.


Sheer Saree

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, sheer is absolutely 'in'. When it comes to see-through clothes, there is nothing more sensual than a saree. Maduri Dixit proves that sheer can be sexy at any age in this blue Monica and Karishma saree.


Lace Saree

Lace is another fabric that is making the fashion world go crazy. Nothing works as gracefully as lace even when it comes to sarees. Shehla Khan is famous for her lace sarees and Sonam Kapoor looks like a fairytale princess in this one.


Mirror Work Saree

Mirror work was totally out of fashion for a few few years. But with Arpita Mehta's designs, it is slowly making a come back. Mirror work looks stunning on the latest sarees of 2013.


Dual Colour Saree

Manish Malhotra sparked the trend of dual coloured sarees during Lakme Fashion Week 2013. Both his showstoppers Priyanka Chopra and Kajol wore dual coloured chiffon sarees.


Khadi Saree

Khadi is a material that hardly ever goes out of fashion. Even this year, some extensive work has been done with khadi fashion. Coarse khadi sarees are particularly stylish for day wear.


Multi Coloured Sarees

Most of the sarees designed by Masaba Gupta do not have one definite colour. It has a smattering of many colours in it. For example, this saree has black, neon green, white, pink and grey colours.


Neon Coloured Sarees

Neon colours were really 'in' since last summer. The trend of neon coloured sarees is a sun-trend that sparked early this year. Neon green is particularly favourite among Indian fashion designers.


Pant Style Saree

Earlier, only the traditional Navwari saree was draped like a pant. This is the contemporary style of draping the saree like a pant.


Gown Style Saree

There are many ways to drape saree like a gown. Over here, the saree has been pleated normally and then the loose end of the saree has been pinned across the bosom. It gives the saree a very stylish gown-like look.

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