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Stripes Can Make You Look Thin & Tall

It is not only the structure of your body that makes you look thin or fat but, also your dress. The way you dress also describes your physical traits. You pick up clothes depending on your body type and personal choice. You must be knowing that short skirts can make you look thin and tall. Stripes also describes your body shape. If you want to look thin, check out which stripes can do that.

Vertical Stripes: Many people believe that vertical stripes can only make you look fat. But the fact is, vertical stripes can make you look thin if worn with the correct colour coordination. Verticals stripes create an illusion of height. While horizontal stripes make you look broad, vertical makes you look tall and slim. Wear well fitted vertical stripes with a plain colour to give the illusion of a thin and tall figure. For example, wear a slim-fit vertical strip shirt with a plain coloured pant for the perfect and stylish look! Accessorise with belts and neckpieces to distract attention from the figure towards the accessories.

Horizontal Stripes: There is a speculation by many fashion designers that horizontal stripes can make you look thin but there are few ways in which you can wear horizontal stripes to look thin. Wear horizontal stripe dresses that can make your body look perfectly shaped. Flowing gowns or one piece dress in horizontal stripes can make a woman look thin and tall. Go for dark colours in this fabric pattern to look thin. Make sure your clothes are well fitted. Team up with high heels to create an illusion of thin and tall figure. Horizontal stripes with round neck or collar can make you look fat. Opt for semi-fit flowing silky fabric rather than hugging or baggy ones.

Diagonal Stripes: This is a selective fabric pattern that can make you look thin. Diagonal stripe dress both in dark and bright colours can look great. And you can go for diagonal stripe dresses to look thin and well shaped without much of an effort. While you are dieting to lose weight, opt for such fabric patterns to look slim.

Stripes can make you look thin. Do not forget to accessorise it to create a special effect. But fabric pattern varies from person to person. Different body types are well flattered with either of these stripes. However, a tip to remember is, wear thin stripes. Thick stripe pattern can make you look broad, heavy and short.

Story first published: Monday, May 21, 2012, 10:14 [IST]
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