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Beauty Tips To Look Good In Photographs!

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Look Good In Pictures
Most of the women are conscious about their appearance on camera. They feel their face is not photogenic. This feeling comes when you feel your face is fat, dark skin or dark circles. Even makeup can sometimes make you feel its too bright and dry. Therefore, if you want to look good in pictures every time you are clicked, here are few beauty tips and tricks to appear photogenic.

Beauty tips and tricks to look good in pictures:

Outfit: Outfit adds to your personality and makes you look stunning. If you want to look good in photographs, pick up good outfits with proper selection of colours. Generally, the pictures make you look dark if the background is dim. So, prefer dark colours to look fair and gorgeous in photographs. If you feel you look dark in pictures, prefer dark colours such as black to look fair and thin! Few women feel they look heavy in pictures therefore, avoid getting clicked. Dark colours and high heels can make you look thin and tall. It is easy to look good in photographs.

Angles: Few women look better when the face and body angles are different. For some women, looking in the left side makes their facial shape look sharp and clear. For few women it is vice-versa. If you feel your face is heavy in pictures, use face angles. Turn your head little on the left or right side before getting clicked. This highlights your eyes and hides fat nose or lips. You can even tilt your face little down to stress on the eyes and make the face look sharp.

Makeup: Makeup makes you look different in pictures. If applied properly, makeup can make you look beautiful whilst hiding your flaws. Use this beauty tip as a trick to hide flaws on your face and look photogenic. Avoid overdo as it can make you look old. Lighting enhances your makeup. So pose at the place where your find light above you. Don't bend your chin too down. This avoids building shadows on the face.

Smile: A picture can't look good if there is no smile. Your smile can add spark to your beauty. Use this tip appropriately. A wide smile which shows your teeth can look bad in the picture. Therefore, a simple smile which makes you look pretty is enough to look good in photographs. A small smile with more stress on either left or right side can add to the stylish pose!

Try these beauty tips and tricks to look gorgeous in photographs. Everyone is photogenic!

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Story first published: Monday, February 20, 2012, 16:37 [IST]
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