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How To Carry Black Nail Polish With Bold Look?

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Carry Black Nail Polish
Black nail polish is a bold and wild colour! Teenagers love wearing black nail polish as it adds to their sensuality and also makes them look bold and beautiful. Black nails also makes the fingers look fair and well defined. It is one of the most preferred nail colour these days. Be it a party look or the casual one, black nails are trendy and looks amazing! As it is a dark colour, it attracts attention easily. Therefore, it is important to apply and carry black nail polish in the best way. Thinking how? Read on...

How to wear and carry black nail polish?

1. Short nails are ideal to wear black nail polish. Too long nails in black can make the fingers look devilish!

2. Square shaped filed nails makes the black nail polish look perfect. Gently file your nails in square shape with a filer before applying black nail polish.

3. Black nails look best with the evening look. Always carry black nail polish with a contrast outfit colour. Too much black can make you look dull. For eg, black nails will compliment red, whites or bronze dress.

4. Black nail polish looks more dark when you apply two coats. One coat can look light so, first apply one coat. Let it dry and then apply the second coat.

5. You can even try nail art and carry your black nails. This nail polish is dark so nail art should be well done. You can either try sticking flowers to get the chic look or stick glitters to get the trendy party look.

6. You can also apply shiny black nail polish on the tips to get a different look. Non-shiny black nail polish and shiny one blends well on the nails and highlights the grown shaped nails too!

7. Avoid heavy makeup if you are wearing black nail polish. Just smokey eyes look great on black nails! Nude lip g;loss can add to the chic look.

8. To get the trendy look with black nails, accessorise your fingers with funky rings. You can either wear diamond studded rings to get the elegant look or junky metal rings to carry the bold look with style!

Try these tips to carry black nails. While wearing black nail polish, be careful to avoid spreading on the corners of the nails, use remover to remove nail polish from the corners and flaunt your bold black nails with style!

Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2012, 12:23 [IST]
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