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Why Are Face Sheet Masks The Trend This Year?

By Amrutha

Instagram pictures of celebrities and fashionistas like Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid and Jessica Alba were the hottest talks of the year. And the major reason behind it is their unique way of promoting sheet face masks by posting their selfies on the social platforms.

Since then it has been the most trending talk in the world of beauty. Many of us would not be even aware of these beauty masks. So what is it actually? How to use it?

Here in this article, we'll be answering all your queries on sheet face masks so that you can also use it without any doubt and flaunt your skin.

What Is It?

Sheet masks are nothing but facial masks with small openings for your eyes, mouth and nose. They are wet masks that are soaked in serum. Unlike the conventional face masks that come in paste form, sheet masks don't need much effort to apply. Sheet masks are infused with hydrating agents like gel, coconut pulp, serums, etc., which gives a cooling effect to your facial skin. And the most interesting fact about these are, they are one-time use masks.

Why Sheet Masks?

Sheet masks are packed with nutrients and vitamins that benefit the skin to a great extent. Since it is infused with serums, it prevents the skin from drying and keeps it hydrated and moisturised. When compared to the normal face masks it is easy to use and most importantly is cost-effective. Booking an appointment and going to the salon is time-consuming as well. Sheet masks don't demand all these and can be easily used too.

What Are The Ingredients Used?

Although the ingredients vary from mask to mask, there are some common ingredients used in sheet masks. These cool and wet masks contain collagen which is an important protein that helps in making the skin firm while preventing those wrinkles and dark circles. Some masks that contain Vitamin B5 help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and locks the moisture on the surface of the skin. Some other commonly used ingredients are aloe vera and Vitamin C. Aloe vera as we all know helps in hydration and revitalizes the skin.

How To Use?

Using a sheet mask is not rocket science. In fact, it is a very easy task as compared to the conventional face masks. You can even continue doing your multitasking with these sheet masks on. First, clean your face and then wear the sheet mask and leave it on for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes just take it off and you are done! No extra effort of washing your face or anything. This is why sheet masks are becoming everybody's favourite.

Although sheet masks come in a common size for all, the face shape differs from person to person. So in order for it to correctly fit your face always start applying from the forehead by patting it and then move towards the lower section of the face. Make sure that the opening on the sheet masks for your eyes, nose and mouth are correctly placed.

But How Often?

Sheet masks can be applied as and when you want whether it is on an everyday basis or weekly basis. It completely depends on your choice. However, experts say that you should use it at least thrice in a week for better results.

Are There Any Negative Effects?

There aren't any negative effects as such, but it is important to know that low-quality serums might not last the nourishment on your skin. So always go for something that is high in quality and also check the ingredients used in the serum before choosing one.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind While Using A Sheet Mask

1. As mentioned before, wash your face prior to the application of the sheet mask. This is because sheet masks really don't work on skin that is unclean and dirty.

2. Do not keep on the sheet mask for a long time exceeding the time mentioned. This is because there are chances that your skin might be prone to some irritations due to this.

3. Do not ever wash your face after removing the face pack. Unlike the normal paste face packs, sheet masks don't need this step. You can remove the extra serum from your face by just patting it with a clean piece of cloth.

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