5 Most Common Myths On Acne Busted

Acne is a common skin issue that we have faced at least at one point in our lives irrespective of the gender. When the sebaceous glands of the skin produce extra sebum, it gets accumulated in the pores and that gives rise to acne and breakouts.

It is observed that acne most commonly occurs during the adolescence. Most prevalent among the teenagers, acne can also occur among women in their 20s and 30s. There are certain myths revolving around this common skin care issue that can indeed lead to more damage to the skin if not cleared.

5 Most Common Myths about Acne

Here we'll be talking about 5 most common myths or misconceptions on acne. Read on.


Myth: It Is Generally Caused Due To Lack of Hygiene

Fact: Of course acne is caused when your pores get accumulated. But these pores aren't accumulated with dirt or impurities fromtheoutside but with the extra sebum that is produced on the skin. Therefore, washing your face very frequently and vigorously to keep it clean and hygienic cannot prevent acne. Infact, if you keep washing your face too often then it will increase thedryness leading to more secretion of sebum onthe skin thus, causing more acne and breakouts.


Myth: AcneDoes Not RequireMedical Attention

Fact: This is something we all should be aware of. Normal acne can be treated via home remedies but severe acne needs medical attention. If not treatedon time,this can lead to severe skin care issues including itching, bleeding, etc.Did you know that acne and breakouts can affect your mental health too? Yes, this can triggeranxiety and lack of confidence. Therefore,if you see that your acne issues are prolonged it is recommended to seek immediate medical assistance.


Myth: Overuse Of Make-up Leads To Acne

Fact: Most of us love to wear make-up. Butthere's a misconception that says applying make-up can lead to acne and breakouts. This is nothing but a myth. Make-up can never cause acne but if you do not take care of your skin after wearing it then that might lead to acne. Using make-up products that have crossed theexpiry date,not cleaning it off after every time you wear it, etc., can cause acne and not by application of make-upitself.

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Myth: PoppingPimplesCan ClearThemOut

Fact:Whena pimpleappears on your face we're all tempted to pop it to get rid of it.But it just happens the other way round. If you pop your pimples or squeeze it, then it worsens the situation. The inflammation increases and leads to more acne and breakouts which becomes difficult to control it later on.


Myth: Sunlight Can Reduce Acne

Fact:Acneis associated with inflammationandthere are chances that exposure to sunlight may reduce the inflammation. But hold on that's just for time being. Overexposure to the sun can break downthe collagenwhichisproteinthat makesthe skin firm.Andlack of collagencanlead to breakouts and acne.

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