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Critical & Common Skin Problems With 3 Instant Home Remedies!

Some skin problems are so common that they keep happening all the 365 days of the year, for both men and women. Men and women of all ages keep complaining about these skin issues, which are not so gross that it would require a dermat's help.

Yet, these common and critical skin problems cause a constant irritation on the skin and hence the aim is to get rid of them. So that you can get rid of these critical and common skin problems right at home, here are 3 instant home remedies for each of them.

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Try these home remedies as early as you can on your skin problem and you will see a difference on your skin, soon. Even if not a 100% relief, by following these remedies, it will help soothe the present condition of your skin and provide relief from the problem to quite an extent. These are home remedies for critical and common skin problems that do not come with the tag of side effects. Take a look.



When the marks on the skin like pimples, boils or zits stay on for a long time on the skin, then it is called an acne. More than the irritation, acne dulls the skin and ones appearance.


The skin produces sebum or oil, which clogs on big pores and erupts in the form of a pimple. Pimple comes in various sizes, at all parts of the body and can be extremely itchy and painful.


Though the diet is to be blamed, allergy on the skin can happen due to change of place, exposure to dust and so on. However, if the allergy persists for long, a dermatologist's advice is required.


Brown or black dark spots concentrate on specific areas of the skin and it is called freckles. There is no right age to get freckles, but it definitely needs a treatment.


Common among 30+ women, wrinkles is the outcome of ageing skin. Wrinkles make the skin lines look prominent, soft and saggy.

Corns And Calluses

Very common on the palms and feet, corns and calluses are skin hardening tissues that become painful. Opt for the right treatment but never try cutting your corn or callus.

Razor Burn

While shaving with a razor, razor burns can happen on the skin. These burn can turn red too if not treated in time. Follow these home remedies to treat razor burns.

Skin Tan

Due to your recent beach trip or for no new reason, if skin tanning hits you, the original colour of your skin could bear the brunt. To avoid this, simple home remedies can be tried.

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    Story first published: Friday, October 6, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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