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Know Everything About Derma Rollers!

By: Rima Chowdhury

A derma roller is one among the latest beauty tools that can help to improve skin complexion and promote youthful skin. A derma roller is actually used to treat several skin problems. To know what derma rollers are, continue reading.

This unique beauty tool can be used on the face, neck, and scalp as well. Using derma rollers can help to boost blood circulation, thus leaving you refreshed. Derma rollers are often used as a facial treatment tool, which can help to improve the skin texture and also boost collagen.

Frequent use of derma rollers can help to fade away the scars and also prevent an appearance of wrinkles and age spots on the face. So, here's everything you need to know about derma rollers in detail.

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what are derma rollers

What Is A Derma Roller?
A derma roller is a rolling barrel that is studded with needles which penetrate inside the skin. The derma roller usually goes as deep as the length of the needle, thus leaving you with best results. The procedure of using a derma roller is quite simple.

The needle penetrates deep into the skin, which helps to break down the scar tissues, thus improving the blood flow. After going through the procedure, you may feel like the skin is punctured, but the benefits of the process are excellent. Also, when the conjunction is a serum, it can help to boost the ingredient absorption capacity of up to 90 per cent.

what are derma rollers

Is Using A Derma Roller Painful?
Most frequently asked a question is if derma roller is painful or not. However, the pain depends on the pressure applied on the skin. If you have a sensitive skin or if you are highly sensitive to pain, you can ask the expert to apply some numbing cream on the face.

What If I Have Acne?
Skin needling on active acne or breakout may worsen the condition and lead to a problem. You should prevent derma rolling in case you have acne, as it may lead to cystic acne development on the skin. Also using derma rollers on breakouts or acne may increase the danger of a skin infection.

what are derma rollers

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Is Derma Roller Not Effective Without Vitamin C Or E?
Most of them believe that using a derma roller is not effective without using Vitamin C or E or copper peptide. It is said that using a derma roller once in a week can help to boost the production of collagen for 12 months. Using derma rollers can help to improve the skin conditions drastically and also help to enhance cell renewal, thus promoting healthy skin.

what are derma rollers

How To Roll?
You need to be very cautious while rolling the derma roller throughout the face. You need to apply light pressure, so that it does not lead to bleeding. You should use derma roll on the face just for 40 minutes and not more than that. However, you should stop using the machine immediately after you feel any amount of immense pain, bleeding or swelling on the face. However, slight redness and inflammation on the skin are quite normal.

When you are generally rolling around the lips, you should move it diagonally. You should prevent using a needle on the lips for too long, as it may lead to instant bleeding.

Precaution While Using The Needle
As the needle goes inside the skin, it should be maintained hygienically, so that it does not lead to any allergies or skin infection. Using the needle on the face can cause mild bleeding and hence it is important to apply a numbing cream. It is always good to prevent using any chemical or fruit-based creams on the skin after rolling with the derma rollers.

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