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How To Plan Your Skin CTM Routine?

CTM, short for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, is an important activity for the skin for all days of the year, for men and women of all ages. However, busy lives and ignorant attitude towards skin care often make us miss on the everyday CTM routine.

The end impact is on skin that badly reacts or gives up. Maintaining a healthy CTM routine is very important for those who want their skin to be the best.

How exactly to ensure that the skin CTM routine you follow is the best for your skin?

Take the following tips and frame your CTM routine. These steps will ensure that despite all your laziness, your CTM for skin is in shape, executed at regular intervals, thereby benefiting your skin. These CTM tips can be followed at home or can be clubbed to your existing skin care plans to show wonderful results on your skin.

Cleansing Your Skin
Cleansing the skin is not only spreading the cleanser all over your face. To do skin cleansing the right way, do the following:

a) Ensure your skin cleansing includes timely exfoliation also. You can exfoliate your face up to three times in a week and rest of the body twice.

b) After cleansing your face, try not to use hot water, as it dries up the skin.

c) After every cleansing session, try rubbing an ice on the cleansed area, as this shuts the open skin pores.

d) The best way to start you face cleansing is, beginning with a hot steam and then using a tissue with a mild cleanser to clear off the dirt.

e) Reserve ample time in hand, so that you can end your skin cleansing with a face pack or mask.

f) The most important determinant of your cleansing session is, the cleanser you pick. Try to stick to one cleanser for at least three months to show its result on your skin. Do discontinue using the cleanser if it hurts or irritates your skin.

g) Exactly how cleansing the skin is important; over-cleansing also impacts the skin. So, cleanse your skin with the cleanser once in a day (preferably before going to bed). Coming to extra cleansing with mask and exfoliation, for face, it can be done thrice a week; while for the rest of the body, it can be two times.

h) Try using skin cleansers that do not carry the following - acetone, alcohol, witch hazel, alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic acid), benzoic acid, bronopol and cinnamic acid compounds.

Toning Your Skin
Coming to skin toning, here are the following tips to swear by, such that the toning impacts your skin :

a) Usually, use of a toner is limited to the face. However, it can be applied on the hand and neck, up to the décolletage.

b) Toner is ideally used on the skin after cleansing. However, if you are really lazy and want to skip your cleansing session, toning is the basic you can do.

c) In the CTM routine, toning takes the least time and is the fastest to happen on your skin.

d) Among toners, there are further types - balancing toner, cleansing toner., hydrating toners, calming toners, soothing toners, and astringent toners. You have to pick one with maximum water composition and the one that caters to the type of your skin.

e) Than using mass-marketed branded toners, the best is to prepare your own skin toner at home and apply it as fresh as possible.

f) Toners can be used twice in a day. In the morning, after washing your face and at night, after you cleanse your face.

g) The role of a toner is to clear off all existing sebum and dust on your face, that your usual soap or cleanser can not.

h) Please note, two to five drops of a toner is enough for one-time use. Splashing your face with the toner does not provide extra benefits.

Moisturizing Your Skin
The last step in your CTM routine is moisturizing. Moisturizing technique alone can make your skin look remarkably younger. Let's look at how the step of moisturizing the skin can be made nourishing and extra beneficial:

a) Over mass-marketed beauty products, natural ingredients like coconut oil, milk, mango butter, shea butter, curd, honey and so on, can be used to moisturize the skin. Pick your own moisturizer (natural/cosmetic) based on your skin type.

b) Skin moisturizing is an everyday activity and skipping it even once can harm your skin.

c) For those buying branded skin moisturizers for everyday CTM, you must look for the following ingredients in composition - humectants, occlusives and emollients.

d) When you take a shower, the moisture of your skin goes off. So, ideally to not let your skin miss its moisture, you should moisturize your skin after three to five minutes of your bath.

e) Do not moisturize on wet body.

f) All parts of your body, except the hair, can be moisturized.

g) The only part of your body where you should not apply a moisturizer is around your eyes. For this region, it is better to use an eye cream, as the area around your eye is the thinnest layer of skin on your body.

h) Moisturizing is a must before applying makeup and before going to bed.

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