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Easiest Ways To Remove Hair Dye Stain From The Skin

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No matter with what patience or attention you try, during the hair dye application at home, a little bit of it can get smudged on your skin. May be right on the forehead or on your hands or elsewhere. The dye can smudge and that's where the blunder begins.

People usually wash the area with water the moment the dye gets smudged on skin. This will do the primary cleaning required. Tap the area dry, and then you can pick from the following ways on how you can remove the stain.

how to remove hair dye stain from skin

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Dye removal from skin might take a few days but you have to be patient. So, take a look at the ways how you can remove a hair dye stain from the skin right at home.


Nail Polish Remover

Just soak a cotton pad in the nail polish remover and rub this on the area. When the nail polish remover will touch your skin, there might be a little sensation yet you can continue. Do not try this in case you know that you are allergic to a nail polish remover.



In case of the toothpaste remedy, you need to select the right toothpaste and try applying it as early as possible to the stained area. Use an old toothpaste to scrub this on the stained skin area and then wash off. Please note, you have to let the toothpaste be on the stained skin area for sometime and then wash it off.



Two oils work great when it comes to removing a hair dye stain from skin - baby oil and olive oil. Take a spoon of the oil and rub on the stained spot. Rinse off after that. You have to keep applying the oil three to five times a day, to see results.


Professional Dye Removal

Considering on how much you have blundered with the hair dye stain on your skin if you feel it's really bad and you won't be able to manage at home and then you can always seek a professional's help. At salon, there are professional dye removal treatments that you can do in order to remove the hair dye stain from your skin.


Petroleum Jelly

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the dye stain from skin is using petroleum jelly. Take a scoop of the jelly, apply on the stained skin and then rub with a cotton pad. This might not show great results at the first go but on constant application, it completely clears the stain from your skin. This remedy for hair dye stain removal from the skin is cheap as well.


Makeup Remover

Exactly how you apply makeup remover every night, use a cotton pad to apply the makeup remover on the stained skin area and this will clear the existing mark. When doing the makeup remover hack on the stained part, there is no need to wash it previously. Rub the cotton pad for a minute to see a change.


Dish Wash Liquid

Once you see the hair dye stain on your skin, just head to the kitchen and take some dish wash liquid. It is better if the dish wash liquid has lemon content. You could also add baking soda to the dish wash liquid and rub this on the stained area with a cotton pad or cloth. Rub it for a minute and then rinse off.

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Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 16:05 [IST]
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