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7 Easy Ways To Lighten Skin Tone

By: Riddhi Roy

Skin darkening occurs due to many reasons. Pollution, bad eating habits, lack of water intake, bad sleep habits and smoking can be just a few reasons for having an uneven skin.

By skin darkening, here, I mean loss of your natural skin tone. I am not promoting fair as the only way to be beautiful.

An uneven skin tone can look both unsightly and unhealthy. There are many ways to avoid it completely, for example, by drinking water more often.

A good tip would be to carry a bottle of water no matter where you go. Applying a good sunscreen before direct contact with the sun is also advised.

Another important tip would be to avoid smoking. Smoking is known to make the skin look dull and it also quickens the ageing process.

But, whatever be the cause, uneven skin tone or darkening of the skin is most often caused by excessive production of melanin, which makes us crave healthy, lighter, glowing skin.

And we end up in rushing to the nearby stores to buy fairness creams and bleaches to get rid of any such problems. Well, fairness creams do not work at all.

And while bleaching does work, it isn't advised to use bleach too often because of the chemicals present. So, what do we do? We go to our kitchens to find natural fixes!

Yes, here are 7 amazing, easy ways to lighten your skin tone, which you must have a look at.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Lemon Juice: Lemon has natural bleaching properties and can lighten the skin. It can actually work after one time use and the result you obtain is what you actually asked for.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Orange Juice: Similarly, the citric acid present in orange juice can be used to lighten the skin tone. It may not be as strong as lemon juice, but it is more suitable for people with a sensitive skin.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Turmeric: The age-old Indian spice used to make brides glow is here for our rescue. Well, it is used for a reason. Just mix turmeric with milk and use it as a pack, wash it off to get a glowing, radiant skin!

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Gram Flour Or Besan: Another age-old ingredient, when mixed with yogurt, can be used to get rid of the dead skin cells, hence revealing a brighter, beautiful, soft complexion.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Honey And Lemon: For a milder version of using lemon juice, it can be mixed with honey. The honey will provide moisture and glow. And this pack really works wonders.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Sandalwood And Rosewater: Sandalwood was used by our ancestors to solve a host of skin problems. Use a mix of sandalwood and rosewater for brighter, fairer skin.

amazing ways to lighten skin tone

Yogurt: Yogurt mixed with honey, if used regularly, can work for fairness like nothing else. Yogurt is known to provide the skin its radiance and is a must-include ingredient to obtain lighter skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know the tips you tried, for your skin, in the comment box below!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 20:39 [IST]
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