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Coat Your Brows With Soap-Be Amazed With The Results!

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There's this trend going around on the internet of putting soap on your eyebrows. This may seem like a really, really weird thing to do because who would ever put soap on their eyebrows, right?

But you never know what the next big trend would be in this weird, sometimes funny world of beauty. So, since the start of the day, it's been soap brows. There's even a hashtag on Twitter and Instagram called #soapbrows.

The waxy texture of the soap is supposed to help hold the brows in place when you do your makeup. At first, you'd think it's completely crazy to put soap on your eyebrows. Yes, it does seem like a really crazy idea. But the internet and the beauty gurus worldwide seem to be in love with how it all turned out.

So, why don't we see what all the fuss is about and even try the trend ourselves? You'd actually be amazed at the result of it. You need a very few tools to get it right. So, here's how to use soap on your brows to set them.

1. Tweeze: Tweeze away sparse or extra hair from your eyebrows. They should look neat and not all over the place for this to work.

how to use soap on your brows

2. Spoolie Brush: Take a spoolie brush, or a clean mascara wand and coat the entire brush completely with soap. Make sure the brush is slightly damp when you do this. This is a step that helps you set your eyebrows with soap.

how to use soap on your brows

3. Apply: Apply the soap to your eyebrows in a way you'd be combing the brows. Do this till every strand is coated well with the soap.

how to use soap on your brows

4. Pencil: Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrow shape next. The waxy texture of the soap will make your eyebrows stay more in place.

how to use soap on your brows

5. Eyeshadow: Use a black or grey eyeshadow to fill in any patches on your brows.

how to use soap on your brows

6. Highlight: Finally, to end the method of how to use soap on the brows to set them well, you'd be required to follow this step. Finish by highlighting the arch of the brow with a concealer or a nude eye pencil.

how to use soap on your brows
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Story first published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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