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7 Best Ways To Remove Dry Skin Around Nose

By Debdatta Mazumder

Generally people have two types of skin-oily and dry. Though oily skin looks very irritating as it makes your face greasy, the skin trouble rises in case of dry skin. If your face gets too dry, it can create inflammation, irritation, redness and ultimately your skin becomes flaky. This is also very dangerous as these skin flakes can create lots of health problem like dandruff, breathing trouble, stomach problem etc.

Now if you have combination skin in your T-zone area (i.e; lips, nose and forehead) can be dry or oily. Now what are symptoms of dry nose? You’ll see skin flakes and feel a stretch on that area. The problem increases mainly in the winter.

Home Remedies For Dry Nose

Therefore, you need proper ways to remove dry skin around nose. Before that you also need to know the causes of the dry skin. It can happen for genetic reasons, washing in hot water is also a reason, and any kind of hormonal disorder like thyroid can also make your skin dry. Now, let's learn the importance of remedies to remove dry skin around nose.

Dry skin is kind of a skin problem. If treated at primary stage, you can avoid many further health trouble. Instead of using market product find home remedies to remove dry skin around nose. To make your search easy, here are some ways to remove dry skin around nose-

Remedies For An Oily Nose


Use Petroleum Jelly

This is one of the easiest and handy ways to remove dry skin around nose by applying petroleum jelly. There is no specific time to use it but if you apply it at night before going to bed can give you the best result.


Drink Enough Water

Not all external ways of beauty products will help you get a beautiful & glowing skin, you need internal remedies to remove dry skin around nose and also from face. So, eight glasses water a day can solve your problem within.


Apply Almond Oil

Dryness creates itching and pain. To avoid such ailments, almond oil is a good therapy. You can use it as it is. But if you want better result, mix it with aloe vera gel. It will give you a soothing effect.


Use Exfoliator

Dirt and pollution can make your face dull. Now, if you don't exfoliate regularly, dead cells and dust deposit in the curves of your nose and make the situation worse. Lemon and sugar is a very good scrubber for dry skin. Use twice a week.


Apply A Mask

When you want remedies to remove dry skin around nose, you must be very aware of the ingredients of face masks; otherwise your face will be drier. Make a pack with milk, yogurt and cucumber. It will moisturize your face and bring a soft touch effect.


Use Another Mask

Here is another face mask that can solve your problem of dry skin around nose. Take an egg yolk and mix it with few drops of olive oil. Apply around your nose and wash after 10 minutes.


Careful About Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the thing that you must not forget when you're outside. Check your sunscreen before buying. If it has alcohol as an ingredient, avoid it. Use aloe or olive oil based sunscreen. Never forget to reapply on your nose if you find it stretchy.

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