Get Glowing With Green Gram Flour

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Green gram, also known as mung beans, is not only beneficial for your health, but is also very beneficial for your beauty. Green gram flour can be prepared by grinding dried green grams into a fine powder.

Green gram flour is being used as an alternative for soap since old times. It can handle many skin problems to help keep your skin shining and glowing.

Using commercially available beauty products can give you an instant result. But, in the long term, the chemicals in these products can produce various side effects that can harm both your health and beauty.

However, when it is all about treating your skin, the best option to choose would be to go natural. Gram flour is an excellent gift of nature that has many ingredients that can improve your skin's health and beauty.

The beauty benefits of green gram flour make it a favourite ingredient for most of the beauty experts and they suggest using it strongly for their clients and customers.

Gram flour can be used as a scrub, as a face mask, or as a substitute for soap. Here, we will discuss some of the amazing beauty benefits of mung beans.


Removes Dead Cells

One of the beauty benefits of green gram flour is its property to act as a scrub. It can remove the dead cells from your body when you use it as a scrub. It can prevent the dryness or scaliness of your skin due to the accumulation of dry dead cells. This is one among the beauty benefits of green gram flour.


Treats Dry Skin

Green gram powder can treat dry skin effectively. Soak some green gram in milk and leave it overnight. Grind this into a paste the next morning and apply it on to your face and body. Allow it to be on the skin for sometime till it becomes dry. The properties of green gram and milk will together act as a moisturiser for your skin.


Removes Sun Tan

Green gram is famous for its bleaching property. Mix some green gram powder in yogurt and apply it directly on to the areas affected with sun tan. The bleaching property of green gram and yogurt will together act to remove sun tan easily. You may use green gram flour alone to wash your face after getting exposed to direct sunlight.


Tones The Skin

Toning the skin is very important to make it look even without an unevenness. The bleaching and exfoliating properties of gram flour can help you to get an even and toned skin. Use green gram instead of soap to wash your body regularly. This is one among the amazing beauty benefits of mung beans.


Removes Blackheads

Using green gram flour, either as a face pack or scrub, can help you get rid of blackheads effectively. Use green gram flour to wash your face daily. The antiseptic property of green gram will also help to get you a better result.


Treats Acne And Pimples

Green gram can clear the clogging of pores by removing the accumulated dust and dirt. This will help prevent acne and pimple breakouts effectively. You can use this pack after taking a steam for better results. This is one of the amazing beauty benefits of using mung beans.

Make use of these beauty benefits of green gram flour and stay beautiful naturally.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 4:00 [IST]
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