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Effects Of Using Foundation Everyday

By Pooja Kaushal

As part of a research group, it was found that many women find makeup to be an integral part of their ensemble. For them, walking out of their homes without makeup is close to an impossible thing to do.

Such a dependence on makeup is rather alarming and can be very closely associated to addiction. But the fact cannot be denied that makeup does alter a person’s getup.

One important cosmetic that many rely upon is the foundation. As the name suggests, this particular item is a basic requirement. A quick layer of foundation gets rid of all the blemishes, evens out the skin tone and gives the face an instant uplift.

Due to this reason, foundation becomes a must every day. But, do you know the effects of using foundation every day?

It is true that having a good-looking face can boost your morale, bring about a greater sense of confidence and enhance your entire personality.

But, at what cost? Do you know what happens if you use excessive foundation? There are both physical and mental effects of foundation over-use. When young, you might not realize these, but as time passes many come face-to-face with a certain number of problems.


Clogged pores

Clogged pores are something that affects many people. The reasons can be widening of the pores and air pollution. Along with these, if you use excessive foundation, the cosmetic too can lend a hand in clogging your pores. This will cause difficulty for your skin and your skin may not be able to breathe easily, thereby leading to a host of other problems.



When the pores get clogged, dirt and grime get trapped. This leads to serious effects of using foundation every day. Acne, boils and irritated skin are some of the problems that strike. These can be quite painful and ugly-looking as well. Constant bursts can be troublesome and a source of agony.



The problems that skin faces due to over-use of foundation are also because of the fact that cosmetics are made using a combination of chemicals. Not all chemicals are ideal to be used on the skin; and for those having a sensitive skin type, the problem can be worse.

These chemicals can leave the skin dry and parched. The lack of moisture gives a very unhealthy look. And then you need to apply more foundation to cover your dry look.



Since chemicals form an integral part of the ingredients used for making foundations, they can have an adverse effect on the skin. Sensitive-skinned people will be instantly affected while others may realize the effects a little later.


The Oil effect

While many may suffer from dry skin, the effects of foundation every day may result in an oily-looking skin for some. This can particularly happen if a person having oily skin goes for a foundation that is oil based. In this case, instead of enhancing the look of a person the opposite results can take place.


Makes It Difficult To Go Natural

What happens if you use excessive foundation every day? Can it have a direct relation to your personality? When you use foundation every day and suddenly some day when you don't use it, people may easily find the difference in your face. This is definitely affects you and make it difficult for you to go natural. You always want to hide behind the flawless look of foundation.

Thus, effects of using foundation every day are not all that good. It may conceal small blemishes in the skin, but at the same time it hides the real you. You live a life wearing a mask. Save the foundation for special occasions and live a life true to yourself.

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