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Black Gram Benefits For Skin

Black gram is known as 'urad dal' in India. It is used in many dishes due to its health benefits. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, starch and fiber.

Apart from the nutritional value, there are some black gram benefits for skin and hair too. It can promote healthy skin and hair and that is why it is extensively used in many beauty routines.

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When used in a face pack, your skin tends to glow. The texture of your skin becomes soft and supple after 'urad dal' is applied.

Black gram is also healthy for your hair. It promotes growth and when applied on the hair, it becomes healthy and shiny.

In fact, in rural India, many people use 'urad dal' as a scrub to exfoliate skin. Some people still use the powder of this 'dal' instead of a soap.

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The dirt and dead cells on your skin can be effectively removed with the paste of this dal. Now, let us discuss about some black gram benefits.


It Can Treat Sun Burn

Black gram has skin-lightening properties along with healing properties. When it comes to healing sun burn, mix a couple of spoons of yoghurt to the paste of urad dal and use it on affected areas.


It Can Be Used As A Scrub

This is one of the black gram benefits for skin. Mix 2 spoons of ghee and 2 spoons of milk to half cup of black gram paste. Apply this mixture to your face and wash after 30 minutes. This remedy will remove the dead skin cells on your skin.


It Can Enhance Your Complexion

Black gram also contains skin-lightening properties and that is why it is considered as a natural bleach. To try this remedy out, soak 2 almonds along with black gram and grind them into paste. Apply this mixture on your face and wash it after 15 minutes.


It Can Cure Acne

Black gram can have a cleansing effect on your skin. It can also eliminate the bacteria on your skin as it is antiseptic. Regularly, applying face packs which contain black gram can help reduce acne.


It Can Minimise Spots

The anti-bacterial qualities of black gram can also minimise spots on your skin. Your skin tends to remain young when you use it regularly.


It Can Make Your Hair Soft

This is one of the black gram benefits for hair. If your hair is brittle, you can make it soft thanks to urad dal. The nutrients present in this 'dal' help nourish your hair and make it shiny. Mix a spoon of curd to the paste of black gram and apply it on your hair and scalp. Wash it after half an hour.

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