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Best Solution For Dry Hands In Winter

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Winter is a relaxing and comfortable season that lets you stay lazy indoors. You can escape from the cold climate with the warmth of your blanket. But, to escape from the skin problems that occur during winter, you have to take some extra effort.

Dry skin is the most common problem that haunts you during winter, especially dry hands. Covering your hands is not a practical option, even when you can cover your full body with a dress.

So, it is important to keep your hands presentable, by keeping it soft and moisturised.

You may find many skin care products from the market that claim to be the best winter skin care option. But, it is important to remember that these will have many chemicals in them that can be harmful for your health.

Therefore, home remedies are the best options that can keep your hands moisturised during the winter season. These ingredients will keep you away from the fear of side effects. Here, we will discuss about the most popular and effective natural ways to treat dry hands during the winter season.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is the most widely used skin moisturiser. Apply olive oil on to your skin and allow it to be there for at least 15 minutes. You can do this before taking a shower. This is one of the natural remedies for dry hands during the winter season.


Milk Cream

Milk cream acts as an excellent exfoliator and removes the dead skin cells from your hands. This will expose the newly formed cells, making the process of moisturising more effective. Milk cream itself acts as a moisturiser as well.



When you consider natural moisturisers, it will be hard to make a perfect list without including honey. Honey can lock the moisture of your skin, making your hands feel smooth and soft. Mixing honey and olive oil with some sugar can give you an added benefit of scrubbing.



Yogurt is well known for its skin-hydrating property. Apply yogurt on to your skin and give a gentle massage. The bleaching property of yogurt will help in skin lightening as well. This is one of the natural ways to treat dry hands during a winter season.


Coconut Oil

Nothing can beat the power of coconut oil to keep your skin hydrated. You can apply coconut oil directly on to your hands with a gentle massage or you may cover a cloth soaked in coconut oil onto your hands for sometime.



Avocado can restore the moisture of your skin and can improve the overall health of your cracked skin. This vitamin A-rich fruit can do wonders for your skin. Mash the pulp of an avocado and apply this smooth paste on to your skin for smooth soft hands and feet. .



Milk is very effective in making your hands and feet smooth and soft. The cleansing effect of milk can remove dirt from clogged skin pores. This can make the moisturising properties of milk more worth. This is a good natural remedy for dry hands during winters.



Oatmeal itself is a good moisturising agent. You can double the effect by mixing oat meal with milk or honey. . Apply the oatmeal paste and leave it on for sometime and rinse for best results. This is one among the natural ways to treat dry hands during the winter season.

So, enjoy this winter season without the fear of dry skin!

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 20:00 [IST]
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