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Use Snail Gel For Skin Care

By Deepa Ranganathan

Wish you had that elixir of life, the one potion that would keep you miraculously young. This thought comes often, especially since you saw Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone. You too want to stay young, immortal if possible and see yourself in the mirror with no skin issues. This is a dream that most young people hold on to but, very few actually manage to stay young.

Many of you have tried everything from bird’s poop to some odd chemical to keep your skin young and healthy. It’s not new to feel this way. You may even have tried those much talked about sculpting serums to keep your skin bright and young. New to the world, is the magic of snails and enjoying perfect skin care through them.


Not long ago, some people kept live snails on the skin of others and allowed them to massage the skin. The poop that they produced helped the skin stay young and radiant. Now, this is being used in creating snail gels. This not only helps in anti ageing issues but solves other skin issues too. Here’s a whole guide to snail gel for skin care.

Why Snail Gel?

Chilean snails are used to create beauty products that help in skin care. These snails are known to ooze allantoin that is most naturally found in mammals. It contains many exfoliating properties and moisturizing ingredients making it the best ingredient for any skin care cream or lotion. Apart from anti ageing qualities, it also possesses peptides that help repair the skin.

Snail Gel Cares for Skin

Snail gel has interesting properties which make it the best ingredient for any kind of skin care gel or lotion. Among the various properties, snail gel is pretty safe. You can apply it to all skin types without fearing side effects. Now, doesn’t that sound interesting enough to you? It softens and smoothens your skin. It also supports skin elasticity which ensures that your skin remains tight even when you begin to grow hold. This way it fights wrinkles and dry skin.

Other skin issues that occur with age is dark spots and patchy skin. When the snail gel is applied, it helps cure the dark spots thus making your skin devoid of them. It pigments the skin in similar color thus solving issue related to patchy skin. In fact, when you apply snail gel, you are in for some absolutely herbal time. It works similar to herbal treatments.

Snail secretions have the power to regenerate shells and in case of human skill they are able to rejuvenate the skin and regenerate new cells in place of dead cells. It’s the best cure to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 2:05 [IST]
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