Ways To Stop Facial Hair Growth

By: Tara Hari
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In a society driven by its obsession with beauty, every woman has to strive to fit into the mould of ideal feminine beauty. An important part of this is having a hairless body and face, while sporting a thick mane of hair. Facial hair is considered to be extremely undesirable as it is perceived to be a sign of masculinity.

While you can remove the unwanted hair on your body through waxing or shaving, the same is not recommended for your facial hair. Shaving or waxing facial hair only aggravates its growth.

Ways To Stop Facial Hair Growth

Bleaching your facial hair is also not a good option, as the golden hair on your face becomes painfully obvious in the sunlight. Facial hair growth in women takes place due to excess testosterone produced by the female body.

Spearmint Tea
The consumption of tea by women has resulted in the decrease in testosterone level in their body. This led to reduction in the growth of facial hair. If you want to reduce facial hair growth, 2 cups of spearmint tea is recommended daily.

Laser Treatment
Laser hair removal is a good way to effectively stop hair growth on face. It leaves the facial skin feeling smooth and unblemished. Although this is not a permanent solution, the effects of laser treatment are long lasting. Laser treatment is also becoming more affordable, as well as available.

Medical Treatments
If your facial hair growth is a result of a medical condition, then you can treat it with the appropriate medicine. Facial hair growth is often a side effect of hormonal imbalances, menopause or medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Consult a doctor and follow the treatment prescribed. This might stop the growth of facial hair.

Birth Control Pills
If you have not yet reached menopause, then birth control pills are an effective way to stop hair growth on face. This is so due to the regulating effect birth control pills have on the imbalanced hormones that cause facial hair growth.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 prevents the excess secretion of testosterone which causes unwanted facial hair growth in women. Consuming a diet rich in vitamin B6 like banana, chicken, fish, potato, hazelnut etc or having vitamin B6 supplements are a good way to reduce hair growth on face.

This is an expensive way to remove unwanted facial hair. In this treatment, the hair follicles are destroyed by an intense burst of electricity. Repeated sessions are required to prevent future hair growth from the follicles. This method is a painful, albeit effective method of hair removal.

Topical Cream
Although you need a prescription from a doctor, topical creams are excellent for stopping hair growth. Topical creams have proven to effectively reduce or eliminate hair growth in women.

Soy Products
Phytoestrogen, which is the equivalent of oestrogen in nature, is found in soy products. They discourage the growth of facial hair. Hence, incorporating soy into your daily meals will result in less facial hair growth.

Kalo Supplements
Intake of Kalo supplements has proven to reduce the amount of hair growth on the face. Regular consumption of Kalo supplements will cause noticeable improvements like facial hair becoming thinner and less obvious.

Commonly known as monk's pepper or vitex agnus castus, chasteberry is used as a remedy for menopause, infertility and acne. It has also been shown to decrease androgen levels. Hence, it can be effectively used to treat excess facial hair growth in women.

An old Indian remedy for reducing hair growth, turmeric can be made into a paste and applied to the face for 15 minutes before washing off. For a more effective scrub, it can be mixed with gram flower. Turmeric is an effective, age-old way to reduce facial hair growth in women.

Facial hair is natural, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Follow these tips to stop hair growth on your face.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 1:02 [IST]
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