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Hard Water Causes Skin Problems!

By Asha Das

Sometimes we may find it difficult to manage our dry skin even with top moisturisers available in the market. But, before blaming or changing your moisturiser, take a minute to check the water in which you bath daily. If it is hard water, then the reason for your skin problems is none other than the hard water. It happens generally for those who use bore-well water where ground water seeps through the soil and rocks. If your bathtub is full of deposits and rust, or your shower has build ups, then you may be using hard water.

Hard water is composed of high concentrations of minerals, such as calcium carbonate and dolomite. Most of the skin problems associated with hard water is due to its inability to remove the residues of your cleansing products from your skin. This will eventually clog your skin pore and will result in dry skin and other skin problems. Here are some common skin problems that can happen due to regular use of hard water.


Damages skin cells

Hard water can cause damage to your healthy skin cells. The elastin and collagen found in healthy skin cells can be broken down by elements such as zinc, lead, magnesium and calcium in the hard water.



The minerals found in hard water is a cause of acne. Dry skin, which is caused by hard water will definitely increase the chance of skin to get an acne outbreak.


Dry skin

Hard water causes dry skin by acting on its natural oils. This will lead to excess itching. If the condition is not resolved at an earlier stage, skin will become inflamed and cracked.



The minerals in hard water will form a thin layer on the skin. This makes it difficult for the body's natural oils to reach the epidermis of the skin. This will finally result in a failure in the natural antimicrobial properties of the skin.



Hard water makes it difficult to remove soap residues from your body. This will clog the skin pore and trap dirt and oil thus resulting in pimples. If you have pimples that are not responding to your home remedies or medications, then check whether you are using hard water or not.



Eczema is a form of dermatitis or inflammation on the outer layer of the skin, epidermis. Eczema is characterised by dry skin, discolorations and rashes. Bathing regularly in hard water will result in eczema.



With hard water it is difficult to wash off all the soap particles from your skin. Both hard water deposits and soap residues will accumulate in your skin, which will cause dry flaky skin and itching.



The impurities present in hard water will act as free radicals on healthy skin cells. This will ultimately result in the breakdown of collagen and leads to the formation wrinkles.

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