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Summer Make-up: Bollywood Divas-Inspired Make-up Looks That Are Perfect To Flaunt This Season

Summer make-up is pure bliss. With the scorching sun comes bright hues, beautiful sundresses and the opportunity to rock a sun-lit make-up look. With the beautiful long days that summers provide to have fun outside (as opposed to the chilly winters that make us want to snuggle and cuddle), we want to look our best and flaunt our make-up skills. And brings us to the internet search bar looking for some fabulous 'summer make-up' to rock.

The most amazing thing about summer make-up is that you can play with a lot of colours. With a little inspiration and idea, you can create a make-up look with a stunning splash of colours. To inspire you, here is a list of 11 summer make-up looks by the Bollywood divas that you are so going to love.


Colourful Kohl

Most evidently the quickest make-up trend that will catch everyone's eyes, colourful kohl is an upgraded version of your regular black kohl. Stick to your normal make-up and instead of your black kohl, choose any colour of kohl that catches your fancy or matches with your attire. The ladies who don't step out of the house without lining the eyes are going to love this twist.

Pro tip- Use neon shade to make this look more exuberating.


Metallic Fun

Let's take a moment and thank the high heavens for blessing us with metallic eyeshadows. Metallic eyeshadow entered the beauty industry a couple of years back and quickly became a sensation. Arguably the best summer make-up trend, metallic eyeshadow are rather easy to put on. Just splash it all over your lid, pair it with a trendy lip shade and you are ready to make heads roll.



Who can resist some sparkles on the eyes? Sparkly eyes are not a new trend. It has been here long and the craze for sparkle on the eyes has only increased. If you are into subtle make-up and just want to add flair to your look, add some sparkle to your eyes. This trend has got so much popularity that in most of the eyeshadow palettes today, you will find a couple or more glittery shades.

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Bold Bunch

We usually play with bright colours, never with the bold. Yellow, pink and golden are the shades we tend to deviate towards. This summer, be a little bold and choose blue, greens and purples. Blue eyeshadow has been the hottest trend in make-up for quite some time. The best thing is you can have the most neutral make-up on but adding a hint of bold shade to the eyes makes the look fierce and oh so stunning. Pair a glossy lip shade with this and you have the best party make-up on.


Barely-There Eyeshadow

The charm of natural make-up, also known as ‘no makeup' make-up can not be denied. With an eyeshadow that blends completely with your skin tone and is hard to make out, your natural features get enhanced in the best way possible. All you need is an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone, a lip shade that compliments your skin and an eyebrows pencil to create a look that is soft, subtle and stunning.


Shiny Cheeks

Shiny cheeks have been the most admired make-up trend in the last few months. And it is one trend that is perfect for the summer season. The sunlight hitting the high points of your face brings the best of this look and may you look like a Goddess. Highlighters have always been a make-up product that can lift even the simplest of the looks. But, the summer season is when you can see the highlighter in its most charming self.


Nudest Lips

Nude lipsticks are nothing new, They are nude, beautiful and we love them. They are tricky though. With our limited exploration of nude lipsticks, we often are disappointed with the nude lipsticks that we think will look best on us. Mind you, there is a nude lip shade for everyone. You just have to take your time and find it. Recently, the trend has taken a shift. Now you will divas wearing the nudest shades of lipstick. The best thing about this is that with your colourful and beautiful summer attires, nude lipsticks help to balance the look. The trick here is to get a nude lipstick that is almost similar to your natural skin tone.

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Brown Eyeliner

Making small changes in the way you do your make-up has a huge impact on how the final output comes out. The most evident is when you switch the colour of a product you use. Lately, brown eyeliners have got quite a hype. Switching your regular black eyeliner with a brown shade not only makes the look softer but also more natural. It makes even a bigger impact when paired with a nude make-up look that features softly sculpted face.


Rainbow Eyes

Why stick to one colour when you can have a blast with multiple shades. There is no season better for colours than the summer season. The rainbow eyes is one the make-up looks that we would strongly recommend that you try this summer season. Choose the colours you are comfortable with and have fun creating a myriad of colourful make-up looks.

Pro tip: Pair this look with a subtle attire to make a greater impact and for the look to not appear messy.


The Red Lip

You didn't think that we will be skipping the head-turner red lip make-up look from our list, did you? It is a look you reach for when you want to stand out and make-up an impact. The red lip is one of those looks that do not need a reason, weather or situation. You put it on and it instantly brightens your face. So, the next time you are confused with what look to go for, take comfort in your trusty red lip.


Monochromatic Love

How cool is it that we can use a single colour to create an entire make-up look! That is a monochromatic look summed up for you. Using the same shade on your lips and eyes gives you a monochromatic look. The pink monochromatic look is often spotted in your favourite celebrities. The pink hue on your cheeks adds to the beauty of this look. And the summer season is the best time to give this look a try.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 26, 2020, 11:00 [IST]