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Navratri Makeup Tips To Look Fabulous, Stunning And Sweat-Free

Are you planning to play dandiya raas at the upcoming Navratri festival? If yes, then you have to look apart and festive-ready. Assuming you have already started curating the Navratri outfits for all nine days but what about the makeup? Because your overall festive outlook will not be complete without a correct makeup look!

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Subtle, minimal, or extra shimmery; you are allowed to go for a look that can compliment you and your outfit. But most importantly, your makeup should stay intact for a longer duration considering the hot or humid atmosphere at the pandals.

Here are easy-to-follow Navratri makeup tips to look stunning and sweat-free:

Prepare The Skin Beforehand

You must prepare the skin well before getting started with the Navratri makeup. By that, we mean, following the cleaning, toning, and moisturizing regimen. Use mild beauty products like a face wash to clean the face and a natural moisturizer to make your skin feel supple and hydrated.

Use a Primer

A primer sets the perfect base for any makeup look. Use a primer matching your skin tone and apply it on your face and eyelids. A primer is a power makeup product that ensures the makeup doesn't penetrate the skin pores. It also helps avoid making your skin patchy with a heavy makeup look.

Use a Mild Concealer or Foundation

Since most Navratri fests or events happen outdoors, the humidity can play havoc with your makeup. That's why it is essential that you don't use heavy foundation or concealer. Otherwise, your makeup may form cracks or start fading away.

Apply foundation in such a way that, it blends well with the primer. Opt for sheer coverage. If possible, it is advisable to go for water-based makeup products.

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Highlight One Feature Only

Even though the Navratri festival calls for extra shimmer and glamour on the outfits and makeup part, it is viable to highlight one feature at a time. It could be opting for smoky eyes or bold lips but not both at the same time.

Opt for a balanced makeup look. Remember to keep it subtle yet striking!

Do the Eyes & Eyebrows

Pick an eyeshadow matching your Navratri outfit. Shimmery eye shadow makes a good choice for a festive look. Go for waterproof eyeliner and mascara to accentuate the eyes.

Fill in and highlight the eyebrows by using the eyebrow pencil. Make sure you follow your natural eyebrow shape. Avoid making it look too dramatic or fake. Keep it subtle and natural looking!

Highlight the Lips

Go for a lip colour preferably in a matte finish. Make sure to work with your lip shape. Use a lip liner to create an outline and fill in the lips with a matching lip colour or tint. If opting for bold lips, coat the lip colour twice. Blot and allow the lip colour to set!

Set the Makeup

Once you are done with the makeup, use a setting spray to keep the makeup intact and in place. It also works as a protective layer that keeps the makeup good even in hot and humid weather!

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