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14 Amazing Make-up Tips For A Night Out

Got big plans tonight? Whether it's the weekend or a special occasion, you need to look your best, right? Most of us get confused about what is the right way to do make-up when getting ready for a night out. Is it too much make-up? Should you tone it down? What lip shade should you wear? And how much is too much? All these questions bombard your mind. Well, help is here!


What most girls don't realise is that the night-time make-up is slightly different from the day make-up. While you have certain limitations to a day make-up, you can play a little more when it comes to night make-up. You usually keep the daytime make-up more natural and softer. On the other hand, the night-time make-up can be a little heavy and aggressive (in a good way of course!)

And hence, to make the matter a little bit simple for you, here are some amazing tips that you need to keep in mind while getting ready for a night out. Check these out!


1. A Primer Is A Must

Applying a primer should be the first step. A primer not only helps to make the make-up last longer but it also hides your skin pores and provides a smooth canvas for you to work on. Apply a small amount of primer on the T-zone of your face before you proceed with your foundation and you'll see the difference.

2. Choose A Dewy Foundation

Night-time is the best time to rock a dewy foundation. It adds a radiant glow to your face and therefore, is perfect for your night out.

3. Skip Powder Products

Skip powder products as much as you can. The matte look works best for the daytime, but when it comes to the night-time you need that glow and the powder products will end up looking cakey and chalky, especially on top of a dewy foundation. Opt for cream products instead.

4. Add To Your Smokey Eye Look With Some Shimmer

A smokey eye is a go-to eye look for most of us. It is easy, safe and looks amazing. Well, you can easily notch up your basic smokey eye with some shimmer. Add some loose glitter on top of the smokey eye and see how it transforms the whole look.

5. Smoke Out The Lower Lash Line

It is important to always apply the eye shadow to your lower lash line. And it becomes even more important during the night time. Smoking out the lower lash line binds the whole look together. Just don't go overboard with it.

6. A Cat Eye Will Never Fail You

If you hold your back from a cat eyeliner during the day, here is a perfect occasion to rock a cat-eye. It is a tried and tested liner that never fails. However, go for a thin cat eye to give your eyeshadow the attention that it needs.

7. Give Coloured Eyeliner A Try

Coloured eyeliner is a make-up trend that isn't going out soon. And if you haven't boarded this bus yet, do it now. Top off your usual black eyeliner with a metallic coloured eyeliner and add some dimension to your look.

8. Go For A Volumising Mascara

A mascara can do the amazing work of lifting your lashes, but only if you pick the right one. A volumising mascara is an asset to your make-up bag. Great eyelashes can lift the whole look like no other.

9. Want To Try False Lashes? This Is Your Moment!

Admit it, false lashes fascinate all of us! But we don't wander into that territory just because it will be too much for your casual day at work. But not tonight! This is a perfect opportunity for you to try some false lashes. Trust us, it won't look over the top.

10. A Lip Brush For That Neat Lipstick Look

A small lip brush can come in handy when you're getting ready for your fun night out. It gives you that precise and crisp lipstick look and plumps up your lips.

11. Rock A Bold Lip

On a casual day at work or college, we usually prefer some nude or subtle shades. But this is not the time or place for that. Let go of your inhibitions and rock a bold lip like nobody's business.

12. Bold Eye Or Bold Lip? Pick One

Ok, we know! We just told you to glam your eyeshadow and your lips. But both of these together doesn't work most of the time. So, you need to choose one. Either a bold lip or a bold eye.

13. Try A Bright Blush

A blush adds the colour back to your cheeks and gives you that flushed look. The most common blush colour is a soft pink one. But that isn't the only blush available out there. While you're getting ready for a night out, give peach or dark pink blush a chance and you might just love it.

14. Don't Shy Away From Some Highlighter

Highlighting the high points of your face can add to your look. Many make-up lovers swear by highlighters. So, dip in the highlighter and the glamour and glow to your face.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 15:09 [IST]
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