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How To Prevent Your Makeup From Melting Under Face Masks

Wearing a face mask every time you step out of the house has become the new normal in the Coronavirus-fighting world. Even with wearing the face mask, the makeup junkies in us can't help but wear make-up under the face mask. But, just a few minutes or hours (if you are lucky) after you are running around doing your errands, the make-up starts to melt, your lipstick is completely off and your face mask is a colourful mess.

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It is so not fair! So, should you stop wearing make-up under the mask altogether to prevent this? We say not! Here are some smart make-up hacks to transfer-proof your make-up so that you can go about your day without stress and have something keeping you in touch with the normal in the COVID-19 times.


1. Start With A Primer

Primer is the very first step in the make-up routine that most of us skip. You shouldn't do that. We can't stress enough on starting your make-up routine with a primer. A primer can completely change your make-up game. Applying primer before your base not only gives you a flawless finish but also helps your make-up to last the entire day. If you don't have a primer already, get one ASAP.

How you apply the primer is also important. Dot the primer on the T-zone of your face or all over your face(if you have large pores), and use dabbing motions to blend it in. Wait for a couple of minutes for the primer to settle into your skin before starting with your foundation.


2. Go For A Long-Lasting Foundation

Foundation comes in various types, texture and formulas. For wearing under your face mask, you need a foundation with a long-lasting formula. You will find on the cover of the packaging how many hours will the foundation last. Get one that lasts anywhere between 12-24 hours and is also suitable for your skin type.

A long-lasting foundation will ensure that your make-up doesn't move under the mask and you don't have to worry about touch-ups through the day.


3. Set Your Make-up

Setting your make-up is the most important step if you want to transfer-proof your make-up. There are two steps to this- setting powder and setting spray. After you have finished your base, set it with some setting powder. This will prevent the cream products from cracking and moving around.

And after you are done with your entire make-up routine, seal everything in place with a few spritzes of setting spray. With these two steps, your make-up will truly be transfer-proof.


4. Matte Lipstick For The Win

Even if you do not wear any make-up, you probably are into lipstick. And your lipstick is the first thing to be imprinted on your face mask. Those of you who have gone out even a single time with lipstick under the face mask, know what we are talking about! There is a simple solution to the problem of lipstick marks on face mask- matte lipstick.

Now is the time to get the use of all the matte lipsticks lying around in your vanity. Matte lipsticks are usually transfer-proof and won't budge under even a face mask. After you apply the lipstick, give it a few seconds to dry, do the kiss test(kissing your palms to check if the lipstick transfers) and put on the mask.

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