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Everything That You Need To Know About Eye Make-up Brushes

Eye make-up is the most reflective part of the entire make-up look. And if you are a make-up lover, you might have added all the make-up brushes there are in your arsenal. But, when it comes to eye make-up brushes, there are multiple brushes and that might confuse you. With all brushes in different shapes and sizes, one wonders what the function of each make-up brush is. After all, how complex can an eye make-up look be that it needs such different kinds of brushes?

Well, to create the effect you want to with your eye make-up and for a flawless eye make-up look, you need to use different brushes. All of these brush has its specific function to perform. You might not need them in a single eye look, but they come in handy to create all kinds of eye make-up looks.

And to make this simple, today we bring you the most effective guide on eye make-up brushes there is. It contains all the eye make-up brushes along with their function. So, buckle up and let's get started!

1. Crease Brush

As the name suggests, this brush is meant to be used on your crease. The shape of this brush allows it to fit right into your crease and blend out the crease to your heart's desire. Why is this brush important is because applying the colour on the crease helps to add definition to the look. Use back and forth windshield motions to use this colour on your crease.

2. Fluffy Brush

The fluffy eyeshadow brush is by far the most used eyeshadow brush. It is used to apply the colour all over your eyelid. The shape is such that it allows the brush to cover the eyelid in one sweeping motion. You can use this brush to intensify the eyeshadow colour as well by layering on the eyeshadow that you are using.

3. Flat Brush

The flat eyeshadow brush is a densely packed brush flat in structure. This is a brush that comes in handy when you want to pack the colour on your lids. Instead of using back and forth motions, you use dabbing and swiping motions to put the colour on the centre or all over your eyelids. This is also the brush that is used to create the cut-crease eye look.

4. Blending Brush

The fine technique of blending plays an important role in how the entire look turns out and how flawless it is. Blending the eyeshadows means removing any harsh lines and softening the edges. This also comes in handy when you are using two or more colours on our lid. In such a scenario, you use the brush to blend in all the eyeshadows together.

5. Angled Eyeliner Brush

If you are not very confident and precise in applying liner straight from the eyeliner pencil, you can give using an eyeliner brush a try. This is an angled brush, that helps you line your eyes perfectly. This is also the perfect brush to create any winged or cat eyeliner that you want.

6. Flat Tipped Liner Brush

This is again an eyeliner brush. This densely-packed and flat brush allows you to thickly line your eyes. It makes the process of lining the eyes quick and easy. This is especially useful when you are using eyeshadow to line your eyes.

7. Smudge Brush

An important part of the eye make-up look that many don't pay attention to is smudging the lower lash line. It pulls the whole look together. And the brush you use for this is this one. Apply the eyeshadow on your lower lash line and smudge it using this brush. You can also use this to smudge your eyeliner for a quick smokey eye look.

8. Thin Liner Brush

This thin brush, as you can probably guess, is used when you need precision. Also used for thinly lining your upper lash line, this brush is mainly used when you want to elongate the liner and line the inner corner of your eyes. Another very useful function of this brush is when you want to create an artistic look. The perfect and precise brush strokes of this brush allows you to draw various patterns and looks on the eyes.

9. Pencil Brush

Used for precise smudging, the shape of the pencil brush also allows you to use it to highlight various areas like your brow bone. This is one brush that helps to add style and shimmer to your eye make-up.

10. Slanted Eyebrow Brush

This slanted and flat brush gives has the perfect shape to line and define your etebrows. Even if you are a make-up newbie, you would know the difference prefectly done eyebrows make in a look. And this brush with its effective shape and precise strokes helps you achieve that.

11. Spoolie

Once you are done defining the eyebrows, it is always a great idea to run a spoolie brush through them. This spiral-shaped brush helps to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible.

12. Comb Brush

This is an interesting brush. Divided into two parts- a comb and a brush, this is used for two purposes. First, you can use this to brush through your eyebrow hair and brush up any fall out. Another use of this brush is to perfect the mascara. After you apply the mascara, it can become clumpy sometimes. You can use the comb in the brush to brush through your lashes to correct the clumps.

And these were all the eye make-up brushes with their uses explained. We hope you found this useful.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 17:57 [IST]
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