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Easy Guide To Groom Your Eyebrows At Home

When it comes to grooming the face, we often pay more attention to eye makeup or lip tints leaving the eyebrows in the backseat. Now if you are someone who maintains the perfect eyebrow shape or grooms them via a salon professional, then you already know the importance of brow enhancement. Because it is the eyebrows that shape and define the face!

Image: Pexels

Eyebrows require timely maintenance for a groomed appeal. And you can groom the eyebrows at home all by yourself. Now if you are someone who only trusts the professional's expertise to get the eyebrows of your dream and are afraid to pluck or trim the brows by yourself, then don't fret!

We have listed below an easy guide to grooming your eyebrows at home. This handy manual will make you a brow grooming expert in no time:

Step 1: Keep Your Grooming Supplies Handy

You would require some essential beauty tools to get shapely and well-groomed eyebrows. Create a brow kit consisting of an eyebrow tweezer, a pair of small brow scissors, a brow pencil, and a brow brush. You can also keep cold compresses made from soaking cotton balls in cold water.

Step 2: Sit By The Natural Light

You must have an ample amount of natural light when you are shaping your brows. Poor light can be a hindrance to viewing your face or add to the mistakes like plucking extra hairs off the bow, doing very thin brows than intended, etc. To avoid such beauty mishaps, always sit near the window wherein natural light peaks in.

Also if you prefer to do your daily makeup or grooming at the dressing table, then ensure it has a proper focus light!

Step 3: Wash Your Face First

Before you start grooming your brows, make sure to wash your face first. Cleanse your face with a mild soap or facewash to remove any makeup or residue from skin products.

Step 4: Find Your Natural Brow Shape and Use a Brow Map Trick

When shaping the eyebrows, you must identify these essential parts of your brow, the head part (the area closest to your nose), the arch part (where the brow appears highest), and the tail part (where the brow ends i.e.part near to the outer corner of the eye).

You can consider using a brow mapping trick, that allows you to identify the key areas by using your nose as an origin point. The same will help you customize the brow and add symmetry and balance.

1) To get started, rest a brow tweezer or pencil vertically against the nose. It is actually where your brow must start. Mark this point faintly with a brow pencil.

2) Rotate the brow pencil in the outward direction and stop at the outer corner of the iris. This is the spot where the brow would have a natural arch. It is mostly at two-thirds of the way from the head to the tail end. Mark the spot with a pencil and move it further by stopping at the outer corner of the eye. Mark this end of the tail spot too.

3) Repeat the process for both eyebrows and connect these three markings with a straight line at both, above and below the brow.

4) The brow mapping trick helps you guide which hairs to tweeze (hairs outside the lines) and which to leave intact (hairs inside the lines).

Image: Pexels

Step 5: Tweeze the Hairs With Care and Check the Time

If you are using the brow map trick, then you can pluck the hairs outside the map or line. Ensure to use two hands for tweezing the hairs. Hold the skin tight with one hand and remove one hair at a time. Tweeze the hair at the direction of the growth. It helps protect the hair follicle and its regrowth.

Many times, it happens that, you will start tweezing and continue plucking the hair. And that's not right and necessary. Give a maximum of fifteen minutes to shape the brows with a tweezer. Set a timer if you want to!

Step 6: Trim the Excess Hairs With Scissors

Once you are done with the tweezing process, the next step is to trim excess hairs with scissors. For that, comb the brows with a brush or brow gel and look for a few curly outliers (these hairs mostly appear as if they are jumping out of the eyebrow).

Also, make sure to snip one hair at a time. Do it with patience and focus. There is no need to hurry!

Step 7: Lastly, Use an Eyebrow Pencil

Once you have groomed or shaped the eyebrow with precision, it's time to give one final touch to the brows. A brow pencil works great to fill in any sparse spots. Follow your natural brow shape when using the brow pencil. Just remember this brow mantra--Thicker hairs at the head, and thinner hairs at the tail!

Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2022, 15:53 [IST]
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