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Nude Lipsticks That Suit Indian Skin Tone The Best

Lipstick is the final step in your make-up and it decides how the final looks turn. When it comes to lipstick, the one that has been without a doubt everyone's favourite is the nude lipstick. Even a beginner in make-up has at least one nude lipstick in their collection. And why wouldn't they? There is a nude lipstick for everyone and for every occasion. For work, for a party, for the no make-up day or a little trip to the supermarket- you will find a nude lipstick that will do the trick. But, we usually get confused with what shade of nude lipstick to go for. Especially with our Indian skin tone.

Nude lipsticks come in a variety of shades and if worn the wrong shade, it can make you look washed out. Unfortunately, that happens a lot. Indian skin tone is a rich mixture of fair, wheatish and deep. And most of the times we find the nude lipstick looking chalky on us. The wrong nude shade is to be blamed. Worry not, there are tons of nude lip shade out there. You just have to find your nude shade. And that is what we are going to figure out today.


For Fair Skin

Fair skin tone is the most tricky when it comes to nude lip shades. We think the deep browns will work on us, but they don't. The point of nude lipstick is to give you a natural and subtle look. Which obviously doesn't happen with a deep brown for the fair skin. They only make you look washed out. For the fairer skin tone, pink nude lipstick works the best.


For Wheatish Skin

You are lucky if you have wheatish skin tone and you love nude lipsticks. There are a lot of options that you can explore. From light shades for a more laid-back look to bright shades for a more fun look, you can play with many nude shades. Brown nudes will suit the best on your skin tone. Go for lipsticks that have an orange undertone to get a look that is bright and fun.


For Dusky Skin

Dusky skin tones can make a dark lipstick look absolutely normal. And same is the case when it comes to nude lipsticks. If you have dusky skin, go for brown nude shades. Cinnamon brown is a perfect shade of nude to start with.


For Deep Skin

Those with shy skin tone tend to avoid nude lipsticks. We are here to tell you that you don't have to. The point of nude lipstick is to give you a natural look. For the deep skin tone, a rich brown nude lipstick is the perfect nude shade. It enhances the natural skin tone and does not make you look washed out.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 13:30 [IST]