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Baking The Face: What Is It And The Right Way To Do it

The process of make-up requires you to layer on various products. And the process of layering can make your make-up look cakey. So, how do you make sure that your make-up is smooth and flawless? It's simple actually - you bake your make-up. And no, we're not talking about cooking up your face.

Baking the face is a make-up technique that helps to give a smooth and flawless finish to your make-up and make it look natural. Essentially started by the drag community, the process of baking entails setting your make-up with a loose powder. It helps to mesh the make-up right into your skin and prevent smudging and touching-up throughout the day.

Baking your make-up also helps to make it poreless and creaseless and highlight your face as well. You might have heard that you need to set your concealer to prevent it from creasing. Well, the process of baking is an advanced version of setting the face. The loose powder when mixed with the natural heat of your body gives you the perfect combination to settle your make-up and make it look organic. If you're tired of your make-up flashing in all your photographs, baking your make-up can help you with that as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's see how you can bake your face to perfection!

What You Need

  • Loose setting powder
  • Damp beauty blender
  • Big fluffy brush

Steps To Follow

1. Apply the base

A base is the first step to the baking technique. The powder needs something to hold onto. So, to start with apply the foundation and concealer on your face. While you might back away from heavy concealing due to the fear of creasing, you don't have to be afraid today! Apply a heavy amount of concealer under your eyes and blend it well. You can also use a translucent setting powder to set the concealer in place.

2. Dip the beauty blender in the setting powder

Next, take a damp beauty blender and dunk it in the loose setting powder. Don't hold yourself back. Take a generous amount of loose powder on the beauty blender.

3. Bake your face

Now comes the main part - baking the face. Apply a thick layer of setting powder underneath your eyes and your chin. Use the pointed edge of the blender to get the precision. You can use any brush or sponge to bake your face. Just remember to layer on a good amount of powder on the specified areas.

4. Wait for 5-10 minutes

After applying the powder, you need to give it at least 5 minutes to bake your face. You can go ahead with the rest of your make-up or have your morning tea while your face bakes. If done regularly, it will become a seamless step of your make-up routine. However, it would be better if you let your make-up bake for longer and wait for 10 minutes, instead of five.

5. Dust it off

After you are done baking, now comes the last step - dust off the bake. For this, take a large and fluffy brush and sweep it underneath your eyes and chin to dust off the powder and complete the baking process. Finish off the look with some setting spray so that everything melts together well.

And you're done baking! It is a simple technique that can make a lot of difference to your make-up. Do give it a try!

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