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World Students’ Day: A Quick 5 Minute Make-up Routine For College Girls

Are you someone who is in the habit of snoozing their alarm? And after you have snoozed it enough times, you wake up suddenly and anxiously look at your phone to check the time. And then the panic seeps in as soon as you see it is way past the time you were supposed to wake up. Most of the college students are familiar with this situation.


You don't have hours at your disposal while getting ready for college. Most of the times, you are in a hurry while leaving for college. But, you want to look well put-together at the same time. After all, you want to look the best in college, right? To help you with that, today we bring to you a simple 5-minute make-up routine that will glam you up and get you ready for college in a jiffy. Take a look!

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1. Start With A Tinted Moisturiser

Moisturising the face is the first step of any make-up routine and when this step can provide an even tone to your skin as well, what more would you need! You want to keep your base basic yet look well put-together while getting ready for college. This is exactly what a tinted moisturiser helps you to achieve.


Dot some tinted moisturiser all over your face and neck, and blend it in using your fingers. So, invest in a tinted moisturiser if you haven't already.

2. Spot Conceal

Concealing is a make-up step that can make it pretty evident that you are wearing make-up. And you don't want to look over the top in college. But then there are certain stubborn marks and scars that need to be concealed. In that case, use spot concealing.

Dot some concealer on the area that needs concealing and blend it in. It will take you just a few seconds to do that and it will hide anything that you want to hide seamlessly.

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3. A Little Blush To Brighten Up Your Face

Applying some blush can make a huge difference to your look. Now you might think that it will be too much for college, right? But if you apply just the right amount of blush it won't be. In fact, it will lift your look like no other.

Just take a little blush on the brush, tap off the excess and apply it lightly on your cheeks. It will brighten up your whole face. And if you feel it is too much, take some tinted moisturiser on a damp beauty blender and dab it over your blush.

4. Fill In The Eyebrows

An under-rated make-up step and one that doesn't get as much credit as it should is filling in the brows. Filing in your brows can make a huge change in the overall look and define your face. Even if you don't do anything else, just fill in your brows and you'll instantly look more polished.

Use an eyebrow pencil to define and fill in your brows. Make sure to use a pencil that matches the shade of your eyebrows to make them look natural.

5. Line You Eyes

Applying eyeliner is what most of our make-up look is made of. So, naturally, you would want to line your eyes. A great tip would be to use a felt-tip liner. It is quick, easy to work with and gives you a great look.

Be patient while you line your eyes. Trace along the line of your upper lash line. A winged liner isn't something that we would suggest you to wear to college. Keep it simple and quick.

6. Coat Your Lashes With Mascara

Now comes the step that can make your eyes pop. Mascara can amp up your look in an instant. Just don't apply a clumpy mascara as it can very well ruin your entire look.

Wipe the mascara wand properly and with precise strokes coat your eyelashes with mascara. You can build-up your mascara if you feel just one coat isn't enough.

7. A Tint Of Colour On The Lips

Lastly, to bind the whole look together, stain your lips in a soft and subtle colour. Loud and bright lips would be a tad bit too much for your college. But if you want to carry a bold look, go ahead with a deep colour.

Apply the lipstick on your lips and you are done! Line the lips if you have got time to get a precise lipstick.

And that is it. This was a quick and easy make-up routine for all you college going ladies. It will take you just 5 minutes to finish this routine and make you look well put-together. So, go rock this look!

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Story first published: Monday, October 14, 2019, 11:56 [IST]
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