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    The Best Fun Makeup Look For The Weekend

    By Riddhi Roy

    The weekend is coming up, and we can't wait for it! Don't we all look forward to just these two days? These days let us look our best and go out to party and let down all the steam from the entire week.

    But, sometimes, picking out a look that would go well with the party mood can be confusing. We want to look great and yet experiment with all the amazing options available to us.

    A weekend makeup look can be the most fun look to do because you get to experiment with colours, shimmer and a lot of different face finishes.

    Obviously, it is not possible to experiment with makeup on regular weekdays, with having busy work schedules and having a million other things to do when we get back home.

    During weekdays, we like to stick to tried-and-tested makeup looks that are easy to do, take minimum amount of time and are safe for work environments as well.

    fun weekend makeup look

    Nobody wants to look overdecked at work with loads of shimmer and colour, no matter how fun it may be to try out the look. So, here's a fun look for the weekend to try out for any party that you go to, have a look and try it!

    Base: Prep your face with a moisturiser and then a primer. These two makeup essentials will make sure the your makeup stays long and looks like skin, and not too caked up either.

    After prepping, use a foundation and gently blend it using a damp sponge. Using a sponge to do makeup ensures an airbrush finish.

    Eyes: Prep your eyelids, first with an eyeshadow primer, to make the colours pop. Then, swipe a shimmery rose-coloured eyeshadow all over the lids.

    fun weekend makeup look

    Make sure it isn't too pink. Pale pink should do the trick. Use a soft brown eyeshadow as the transition shade on the crease of the eyelids. Blend it all in, using a fluffy brush.

    Then, this is the best part, take a dark purple shimmery shade and use it on the outer corners of your eyelids to give the entire eye look more depth.

    This gives the smoky effect look, while also being more fun than the classic smoky eye. Then, use a matte black eyeshadow to draw a wing on your eyelids, as you would with an eyeliner.

    We aren't going to use an eyeliner for this look because it would look too harsh. Finish the eyes with two to three coats of mascara.

    fun weekend makeup look

    Lips: Since there is so much shimmer in the eyes, go in for a matte lipstick in a pinkish nude shade or a dusty rose shade. We don't want a very bright lipstick, as it would only look too over the top, do we?

    Highlight: Highlight the high points of your cheekbones using a shimmer powder highlighter. This look is all about the shimmer!

    Set: Finally, set the entire look with a translucent setting powder.

    There, you have your weekend party look that'll make heads turn your way for sure, girl!

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