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Step-By-Step Makeup For A Natural Glow

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Makeup has become an essential part of our daily life. We women aspire to have a makeup on that will make us look more natural and glowing. Now, you must not think that getting a natural glow with a makeup on your face is a difficult job.

It is very easy to get a natural glow with makeup at home. There is no need to get an appointment booked for this at a saloon. In this article, we have mentioned step-by-step makeup tutorial steps to get a natural glow.

These makeup steps are very simple and can even be tried by the people who are not good at doing a regular makeup. You just have to follow these makeup steps in a proper manner. Makeup looks elegant when you go little with it, too loud a makeup and overuse of makeup products on your face can kill your natural look.

So, read on the article to know how to get a natural glow with makeup at home.


Clean Up

Wash your face to remove the excess oil and dirt with a mild facewash. Then apply a face cleanser lotion and wipe your face with cotton. This will remove all the trapped dirt from the skin pores. You can also scrub your face with oatmeal and milk for best results. This step is must to follow to get a natural glow with makeup at home.


Tone Your Skin

Another step is to tone your face. Wipe your face with rose water, which acts as a best skin toner. Skin toners will make your face soft and ready for makeup. Put some rose water on a cotton ball and wipe it on your face. You can also spray some rose water on your face using a spray bottle.



After toning your face, apply a moisturiser with a lotion. This will close the skin pores and will not let the foundation go inside of the face. Moisturisers will also help in the blending of your foundation well on the face.


Apply A Concealer

Concealers will hide the skin marks and other skin imperfections. Apply a concealer on your dark circles to hide them. Apply it right on the spot and not anywhere else where it is not needed. It must be applied before applying a foundation.


Apply A Foundation

Take a little of the foundation and mix a little of it with a moisturiser on your palm. Apply it on your face with your first two fingers or a brush. Make sure you blend it well on your face, so that there are no lumps of it left on your skin. Blending also makes it look natural on your face.


Use A Bronzer

A bronzer can give you a polished and finished look. By using your finger tips, apply bronzer on the edges of your nose, outer eye area and on top of the cheek bones. However, girls with a pale skin tone must avoid using a bronzer.


Apply A Blusher

If you have not applied a bronzer, you can use a blusher instead. A blush-on goes well with all skin types and tones. Apply a blusher on your cheeks, if you have an elongated face or on the sides of your face, in case you have a round face. The rule for a blush is that you have to blend it well by using a nice makeup brush on your face.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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