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7 Things That Makeup Is Doing To Your Skin That You Are Not Aware Of

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We all love to wear makeup that makes us look cool most of the times when we feel low. Makeup boosts our self-confidence, as it makes us feel special. Having said that, don't make it a daily routine to use makeup.

You must stop from applying that coat of foundation on your face daily and also from using the wand of mascara that brushes your eyelashes almost every day.

There are many harmful effects of using regular makeup on your face. You must limit the use of makeup to occasional basis only. Everyone is created in a beautiful way and makeup just alters or enhances the beauty. You must feel beautiful from within and avoid the use of daily makeup, as it can age you soon.

Makeup is nothing but all chemicals that we apply on the face to make it look more attractive or polished for that matter. But, imagine the amount of damage it will do to your skin if you use it on a daily basis. Thus, in this article, we have mentioned the ill effects of makeup on your face if you use it on a daily basis.

Read on to know the silent effects of makeup on your skin.


You Will Age Permanently

The pigments and other particles present in the makeup break down during the day and get mixed with bacteria and other environmental pollutants. This makeup metabolises on your skin and damages the skin collagen, preventing the formation of new skin cells and also preventing the skin repair process, leading to permanent wrinkles and fine lines.


Large Pores On The Skin

One of the biggest disadvantages of using makeup on your skin daily is that it increases the skin's pore size. The makeup residue gets trapped inside the pores. The trapped residues invite many bacterial infections causing acne and pimples. This further enlarges the skin pores.


Eye Infections

Regular use of eye makeup will make your eyes more prone to infections. You will get eye cysts, itchiness and even red eyes. Therefore, use your eye makeup as minimum as possible during the regular days.


Eyelashes Fall Out

Do you know that eye makeup, including mascara, may make your lashes hard and even break them easily. This causes them to fall off and you may eventually have very thin lashes left. Therefore, use mascara only occasionally.


Makes Your Lips Dry And Dark

Most girls wear lipstick all day long and their lips are never seen bare. Cultivate the habit of living without your lip colour, as this can make your lips dry and dark. You can use a light-shaded lip balm instead.


Causes Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Regular use of foundation will make your face wrinkled but the effect is seen more on the sensitive skin of your face that is just below your eyes. If you get wrinkles early then you will look double your age. All thanks to makeup! Hence, go easy on the makeup and keep it to a minimal.


Skin Loses Its Elasticity

Your skin is elastic and this maintains its tightness. Makeup damages the skin's tissue that maintain the skin's elasticity. This makes your skin look sagged and old. Therefore, you must limit the use of your makeup and only use it occasionally.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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