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Less Known Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Must Know

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We women face problems when it comes to maintaining our beauty, especially when we don't have enough time to get ready. There are some time-saving and money-saving beauty hacks that every girl must know, which will help solve the beauty-related issues.

If you think that you know all the beauty hacks then you must read on these less known beauty hacks that will help you a lot on a daily basis. These beauty hacks can help you get creative not only with your makeup, but with your general makeover as well.

These beauty tricks will simplify your life, as girls have a hard time in getting their makeover done. They need to do a lot of things that can be hectic and tiresome, if some hacks are not cultivated from within.

You must know if your compact powder falls off, how to restore it and how to apply a perfect French manicure. Similarly, you can get thick lashes with one single ingredient. Don't you want to know about more such hacks?

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best beauty tricks or hacks that you must know. Have a look at the most helpful beauty tricks ever.


Lip Balm On Shaving Cuts

If you have some minor shaving cuts on your legs that looks embarrassing then apply a lip balm over the cuts. Lip balm will heal the cuts immediately and stop the bleeding, so that you can go out with confidence.


Compact Powder

If your compact powder has fallen off on the ground accidentally, pick the intact pieces from the floor and put it inside the compact box. Add a little of rubbing alcohol to make a paste. Leave it overnight and in the morning you will get back your compact powder, as the alcohol will evaporate leaving behind the powder.


A Perfect French Manicure

The edge of a band-aid has a perfect round shape to get the perfect French manicure. Stick the Band-aid on your nail, leaving the tip of your nail. Apply a white coat on your nails and remove the band-aid. Later, apply a colourless glossy nail paint on the rest of your nails to complete the look. This will help you in getting a perfect nail shape and a perfect French manicure at home.


The Mascara Trick

While applying mascara, if you get some drops of it on your face, don't wipe them off immediately. Let the spots dry, as after drying, they can be easily removed off as a dried dot from your face.


How To Make Your Lashes Thicker

If you have thin eyelashes then you can make them thick using a talc powder. Sprinkle some talcum powder on your lashes and then apply a mascara. This will enhance your eyelashes and make them look more thick and long.


For Oily Hair

Mix some baking soda in your regular shampoo and then apply it on to your hair. Baking soda will remove all the oil build-up and dirt from your hair. This will also prevent your hair from getting oily the next day of your hair wash.


Use Baby Wipes

You can remove your makeup easily by using baby wipes, as they are gentle on your skin and are less costly. You can also remove the makeup stains from your clothes by using baby wipes.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 14:13 [IST]
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