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Look Goth With These 5 Easy and Smart Makeup Tips

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The Gothic Culture is primarily all about looking different than normal people. Goth people often spend a lot of time and energy to get this look perfected.

Although often confused with the Emo look, the Goth appearance is actually completely different.

The Emo look is all about looking overly emotional in a very specific way. Mid-length hair that is thinned out in layers and parted to suit your style are characteristics of this type of a look.

gothic fashion

Black eyeliner, applied only on the eyelid and finely below the eyes, is an example of the Emo makeup look.

The Goth look; however, is all about looking like you don't care for anything other than metal music.

Tattoos, piercings, unkempt hair and outrageously dark makeup are the keys to looking like you belong to the Goth culture.

gothic fashion

Don't schedule your tattoo appointment as yet! There are many ways to get this look, without getting inked and pierced.

If you want to get the goth look on your own, without asking a make up artist to help you out, then continue reading.

The following paragraphs will elaborate on 5 easy tips to help you get this much-desired look in under 30 minutes.

gothic fashion
  • Foundation That Is 2 Shades Lighter Than It Ought to Be: The key to getting the Goth look is to use a matte-based foundation that is 2 shades lighter than your actual skin tone. This achieves a very important task, it gives you the nearly "dead look." This is a must to appear that you belong to the Goth culture.
  • Eyeshadow That Is A Bit Too Dark For Your Taste: If the eyeshadow is a bit too dark for your taste, then it's probably right to get the look that you want. Black, purple, blue and red are 4 shades that you can experiment with.
gothic fashion
  • Smudge-Proof Pencil Eyeliner To Darken Your Eyes: A smudge-proof pencil eyeliner should be used to darken the skin below your eyes. The pencil eyeliner should also be used to create a thick line on your eyelid. Keep in mind that the eyeliner should be sharpened before use, so that it doesn't give you a raccoon look.
  • Black Lipstick That You Wouldn't Dare To Try Otherwise: Using a black lipstick is the perfect way to complete your Goth look. However, you can also use a dark shade of red or blue and other outrageous colours. Light and bright shades of red are not recommended however.
gothic fashion
  • Accessories: Tattoo sleeves can fool people who do not sport ink. However, If you plan to fool people with existing ink, then make sure to wear the tattoo sleeves under a shirt with 3/4th sleeves. Press-on ear piercings can be used as well. Refrain from choosing earrings with angel wings and similar clichés. Fake ear plugs are a good touch to your newly found Goth look. Once you have all the makeup and accessories on, the most important part of carrying off the Goth look is to be confident, come what may!
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