7 Makeup Tips To Look Beautiful When Sick

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There are times when you are not well and recovering from an illness. The signs of sickness show up on your face for a long time, even when you are about to recover. So, how to look beautiful when you are sick or recovering from it? There are some simple tips that you can try to look beautiful and hide your dull skin even in sickness.

Tips To Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

There is no need to plaster your face with a foundation to hide the dullness, dark circles and other spots. Doing this will simply kill your natural look and you will end-up looking like a clown. You need not have to worry anymore, in this article we will help you look good while you're sick by following these simple makeup tips.

8 Makeup Secrets From Professional Makeup Artists

You can make your face glow by applying a concealer and moisturiser on to your skin and make sure to concentrate more on areas such as nose, eyes, etc, that show more signs of sickness.


Use Tinted Foundation

Using tinted foundation adds a glow to your face, when your are sick. It can also be used during winter days, when the sun rarely shines and there is no fresh air for your skin, resulting in dryness. Using tinted foundation will make your skin look good during winters too.


Concealer On Nose

If you are suffering from cold, the skin on your nose can get rough, red and flaky. To hide this, apply a moisturiser and then use a concealer on your nose. This will hide the redness and flaky skin of your nose.


Ice On Eyes

Due to viral infections, your eyes may get puffy and smaller. To make your eyes look bigger and remove puffiness, use ice cubes. Wrap an ice cube in a thin cotton cloth or a plastic cover and then gently place it over your eyes for 5 to 20 minutes.


Avoid Nude Or Light Shaded Lip Gloss

If you like to wear a light lip shade or gloss, avoid it when you are not well. It can make you get a more sick look. Put some bold colours on your lips instead when you are sick. This will make you look vibrant and classy.


Drink Enough Water And Use A Moisturiser

Falling sick means your skin, lips and hair getting dry due to dehydration. Drink enough fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Also, apply a good mosituriser frequently until the skin regains its natural softness.


Use Dark Blue Eyeliner

If you have runny eyes and nose, then there is no point of applying an eye makeup. Use a dark blue coloured pencil liner on your upper lid. This will make your eyes look bright and hide the puffiness.


Use A Curler

Curl your lashes before applying a waterproof mascara. This will open-up your eyes and will also make your face look glamorous when you are sick. Warm the curler a little before using it.

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