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Beauty Tips To Attract Your Loved One On A Date


A date is a girl's best experience to have in life, especially if it is her first one. You not only want to look beautiful but also want a little sex appeal, after all looking sexy is a lady's right,...Right?

So, how to look sexy when going for a date? In this article, we will give you some tips on getting that sexy look for your first date to attract your loved one.

It is not a big deal to look beautiful nowadays, as all can look beautiful, yet only a few, yes we mean only a few, can look sexy.

You don't have to take much efforts to look sexy, just change your body language a little and also your makeup. To look sexy, you need to feel sexy first, for that wear some beautiful lingeries as well. It can surely make you feel more confident from within.

Apply some nice fragrances, so that your love one will automatically get attracted towards you. A study has shown that a fragrance can enhances your femininity and attract the people of the opposite sex.

There are some more tips mentioned below. Scroll down to know these important tips to look sexy on date.


Apply An Attractive Fragrance

Putting on a fragrance attracts the opposite sex. Dab it on your neck and wrist, this will help it to stay longer as the body temperature increases. A fragrance is a reminder of your femininity that makes you seductive. This is one of the best tips to look sexy and attractive on a date.


Mess Up Your Hair

Another tip to look hot on a date is to have a little messy hair. After a proper hairdo and blowing, mess your hair a little. Messy hair is a sign of a highly sexy woman. So, now you don't have to worry about the fast winds and open windows of your car messing your hair. A study has shown that men find messy hair very attractive, but don't go too overboard with it.


Make Small Movements (Fidget)

Making small movements with your hands and feet or fidgeting can definitely get you noticed. It also involves playing with the other person's fingers, hair or clothing. You can fidget to attract your date and to look more seductive. For this, play with your necklace, trace the rim of your glass lightly, rest your fingers on your collarbone, etc.


Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes add a sex appeal to your personality. Dab a little of black eye shade on the upper lids with a small brush and smudge it well. Sprinkle a little of silver shimmer on your eyelids to add more to the eye effect. Keep the rest of your makeup low with smokey eyes. This is one of the best beauty tips for a first date.


Wear A Beautiful Lingerie

Wearing a beautiful and sexy lingerie can give you a feeling of confidence and also make you appear more sexy. Wear a bra with crisscrossing straps, a floral and padded one to make you look outstanding.


Take A Walk

You must take a little walk before going to meet your loved one. This can increase your blood circulation, make your skin glow and, there you are, make you look more sexy. Walk makes you feel good about your body, and being happy makes you confident and sexy.


Stand Up Straight

Correct your posture when you're going to meet your loved one. Make your shoulders even, chest a bit out and head up. This will also make you feel more confident and fill you with energy. Thus, maintain a straight posture at all times when on a date.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 5, 2015, 7:00 [IST]