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Eyebrow Shaping Tips Based On Your Face

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Your eyebrows shape your personality and looks. Remember that your brows can make you look sophisticated or can ruin your looks. It depends on what shape you choose for you brows. Experts believe that you must shape your brows based on your face shape.

People with a fat face should never make their brows thin and straight, as this can make their face appear more large or fat. They must add more sharp upper arches, and if their brows are sparse, they should shape them using an eyebrow pencil and also draw some upper arches.

For a long and thin face, avoid shaping your brows too round and avoid upper arches. Keep them a bit straight, but not straight like a line. Also, in case you have a fat nose, make sure that the part of the brows near to your nose is thicker. This will help to make your nose appear thinner.

Read on the article to find out the best eyebrow shape for you face.


For A Fat Face

If you have a fat face go in for high arched brows, as this can make your face appear thinner and slimmer. If you have a fat face, never make your brows too thin, as this can spoil your look. This is one of the best tricks to follow to shape brows for a fat face.


For Thin And Long Face

It is preferable to avoid a crescent shape and keep your brows a bit straight, so that your elongated face will get balanced with the straight brows. You can keep your brows thin, but avoid round brows. However, don't make your brows too straight, as this may make you look expressionless.


For A Fat Nose

Avoid keeping too much of a gap in between your brows. If you are blessed with a connected brow then don't pluck it much, in case you have a big nose. Also, try to keep the front portion of your brows thick enough. Also, make high upper arches to make your nose appear slim.


For All Face Types

Keep the tail of your brows thin and long, and it should extend out from the outer corners of your eyelids. This tip can make every face type look vibrant and expressive. Short brows will mostly suit the Chinese people or people with small eyes, as they can go well with it. Hence, keep your brows as long as you can.


Tip 1

Always add more prominence to your brows, irrespective of your face shape. Use a good quality eyebrow pencil and shape your brows well. Make upper arches and also elongate your brows. You can also use a brush and a black or brown eye shadow to make your brows look more prominent.


Tip 2

To get thick brows naturally, massage your brows with egg white and milk daily for a month. This will supply your brows with nutrients needed for their growth.


Tip 3

Ask your beautician before shaping your brow about your face shape and the kind of brow shape that will suit your face shape. Never go in for any brow shape blindly, without keeping the shape of your face in mind.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 19, 2015, 9:00 [IST]
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