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8 Reasons To Wear Matte Lipstick Today


Lipsticks add colour and shine to the lips. Your makeup is incomplete without lipstick. However, it is your makeup that decides the colour and kind of lipstick that you must wear.

Sometimes, the occasion is a factor in choosing what lipstick to wear. Glossy lipsticks give a shiny look, while matte lipsticks give a natural look.

Matte lipsticks, as the name implies, are not glossy but give a matte look to the lips. Although glossy lipsticks are trending, matte lipsticks are beneficial in many ways and a must try.

Matte lipstick benefits are many. Matte lipsticks stay for a longer time. It also blends well with your lips.

You will love to wear matte as it comes with a lot of benefits. It gives elegance to your face and makes you look graceful.

So, come out of that usual girly look and wear a lady look by applying a matte colour. Take a look why you should choose matte lipstick today.


Matte lipstick does not spread and stays for the whole day. Some occasions demand a lipstick that will not spread and that you don't have to wipe it frequently. This is one of the matte lipstick benefits.

Long lasting

Matte lipsticks are long lasting than any glossy ones. A single application of matte lipstick for a day is enough. So there is no need to reapply.

Stick free

One of the matte lipstick benefits is that it doesn't stick to your expensive clothings when it comes in contact with it. Glossy lipsticks have their own charm but they can stick with the clothes.

Natural look

How to use matte lipstick? They are easy and simple to wear and goes with every makeup. Matte lipsticks, although bold, can give you a natural look in contrast to the glossy ones.

Good to wear in summer

In summer, lipsticks, especially glossy ones, get removed easily due to sweating. Matte lipsticks stay on your lips even after sweating. Moreover, they never heat up your lips.

It can be the only makeup

Sometimes, when you are short of time, wearing any bold colour of a matte lipstick will do wonders.You will look graceful and elegant.

Defines you face

Why wear matte lipstick? Matte look suits every face. Every colour in matte is unique and gives a proper definition to your lips and face as well.

Get a distinctive look

How to use matte lipstick? Matte colour can be blended with a glossy lipstick and you will be amazed to see how the colour and texture mesmerises you. This is one of the benefits of matte lipsticks. Try it once.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 9:03 [IST]