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Easy Fixes For Makeup Mishaps

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Makeup mishaps can occur anywhere and everywhere. Even with the best makeup products, there are chances that they can get smudged and spoiled due to heat, humidity etc.. But few quick fixes can save you from having a disastrous look.

Do you know that your office environment can spoil your makeup easily? Well, yes it can. Being in an office environment with an air-conditioner takes a toll on your skin and of course, the makeup. The recycled air dries out the skin which causes your makeup to look patchy and flaky over a period of time.

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If you are on the move, then the heat generally melts the makeup off and causes smudging of your mascara and eyeliner. To avoid these makeup disasters, one needs to know certain quick fixes which can be used any time.
Read on to know about several easy fixes for makeup mishaps.


Chapped Lips:

Lipstick, when applied on dry lips can ruin your look. So, the first step before you wear a lipstick is exfoliate your lips often especially if they are dry. Lipsticks do not appear smooth and even on such dry lips. You can exfoliate them by using a mild scrub at home.


Dry And Dull Face:

Dry skin is never pleasing. Ensure you use a good moisturising lotion or cream to make your skin soft and supple. To finish the look, use a lipstick and add gloss to instantly boost the radiance of your face.


Ungroomed Brows:

Extremely thick or thin eyebrows change the look of your face. Make sure you tone down the thickness of your eyebrows if they are thick. And if you have thin eyebrows, use an eye pencil or an eye shadow with an angular brush to make your eyebrows look thick and neat. This is one of the easiest fix for perfect brows.


Make Lipstick Stay Longer:

We all crib when the lipstick fades away. To make it last, you can always apply a little foundation or compact on lips before you apply the lip colour. This trick really works. For better results, you can use matte finish as it stays longer than glossy one.


Excess Foundation:

Never use a dry cloth or tissue to wipe off the extra foundation. Instead, use a damp sponge and gently dab on to your face especially under eyes and lip areas. This gives it an even look and it also helps to blend well and remove the excess.


Patchy Blush :

While making the blush, use a wet sponge or tissue and move the brush in small circular motions without any more colour to soft blend the blush. Make sure you do not use too much of water as it can give you a patchy blush.


Oily Skin Or Too Much Shine:

Oily skin or too much shine does not suit many. Make sure you have a compact with you to fix this issue. Dab some powder and get a matte finish look. This is one of the easy fixes for makeup mishaps.

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