8 Easy Ways To Store Nail Polish Bottles

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Women have a fetish for nail polish. Nail polish of various colours, shapes and sizes are available in the market. Those who love to paint their nails always have a huge collection of different shades. Once a woman applies red, she stores other colours for later use. But, it is often noticed that the stored nail polish bottle either drys or becomes thick. So, here are few ways that you can use to store your nail polish and prevent it from drying or separating. Find out how..

8 easy ways to store nail polish bottles:

Easy Ways To Store Nail Polish Bottles
  1. Store in the refrigerator. There are many women who store their junk nail polish bottles in the refrigerator. However, you cannot store the bottles for more than a month as the nail polish separates and thicken if kept inside the refrigerator. So make sure you use it before it dries up.
  2. One of the best and easy ways to store nail polish is to keep them in a cool place away from sunlight.
  3. Store your nail polish bottles upright. This will prevent it from drying and also make the paint last longer. If the nail polish bottle falls off, restore it immediately. This prevents the ingredients from separating inside the bottle.
  4. Always buy high quality nail polish. Cheap priced nail polish separates very fast and is difficult to fix with the thinner.
  5. After applying the enamel paint, close the bottle lid tightly. This will make the nail polish last longer and won't even dry it.
  6. To prevent the nail polish from separating, apply little petroleum jelly on the neck of the bottle. Close the lid tightly. This will prevent unwanted air from entering inside the bottle and also it will be easy for you to open the bottle next time you use it.
  7. If your enamel paint has dried or separated in the bottle, add few drops of nail polish thinner to use it again. Nail polish liner is one of the best ways to make it fresh and use a dry nail polish for a longer period.
  8. Sometimes, the nail polish dries on the neck or lid of the bottle thus making it difficult to open the enamel paint. If the nail polish neck is not opening, fill a glass or cup with nail remover. Now dip the neck of the nail polish bottle. Keep for few minutes to open it easily.

These are few easy ways to store the nail polish and use it for longer. Do not shake the bottle harshly before use. This creates small bubbles inside the bottle. If the bubbles spread on the nails, it will look unclean. So, gently rub them in between your palms and leave for 15-20 minutes before applying. The bubbles will settle down and your nails will look beautifully painted. Do you have more ideas to store nail polish bottles?

Story first published: Friday, November 23, 2012, 8:05 [IST]
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